Game Of Thrones Is Too Sexy For Julia Roberts

Photo: Tommaso Boddi/FilmMagic.
Not a fan! On the eve of Game of Thrones much-anticipated series finale, Julia Roberts admitted that she’s never watched a single episode of the hit HBO show — and ventured that it just might not be her cup of tea.
During a conversation with Patricia Arquette as part of Variety Studio: Actors on Actors, talk turned to the popular series, which will come to an end after eight seasons this coming Sunday. Arquette rifled through submissions from her Twitter followers about questions they’d ask Roberts if they had the chance before landing on one that piqued her interest.
“One of the questions that people have for you was who’s going to sit on the throne at the end of Game of Thrones?” Arquette asked Roberts. “Do you watch Game of Thrones?”
The Homecoming actress didn’t miss a beat, joking, “I’m going to say Barack Obama for $500!” Roberts admitted, “I’ve never watched Game of Thrones. But someone just told me a couple days ago, ‘You look like one of the wildlings.’”
Arquette responded with a quizzical “Oh!” to which Roberts explained, “My hair is super curly. This has been professionally done for this occasion, but I was at the beach, and so my hair was telling its own stories. … I just went with it. I didn’t know what it meant.”
Wildlings, also known as Free Folk, is the name given to the people who live beyond the northern border of Westeros, or The Wall, on the series. Roberts’ friend was likely referring to Ygritte specifically, a character played by Rose Leslie, Kit Harrington’s onscreen and off-screen love interest.
Roberts later explained that a big part of the reason why she hasn’t gotten into Game of Thrones — and may not be binging on the series after it’s over anytime soon — is because of the graphic nature of the show itself.
“Too scary,” she said. “Maybe too much sex.” Here, Arquette confirmed that the series does include a fair share of sex. “There’s a lot of sex,” she said. “And there’s zombies and stuff.”
“Then it’s for sure not for me,” Roberts quipped.

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