Oh Thank Goodness, Grizz From The Society Finally Got An Instagram

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
There's so much to love about Netflix's new Lord of the Flies-esque drama The Society, from the allegories to the major social issues within modern day America to reigning queen of summer Kathryn Newton's nuanced portrayal of inadvertent leader Allie. However, The Society would be absolutely nothing without its shining star Grizz, played by Jack Mulhern, who just made all his new stans' day by getting an Instagram.
Look, there are many reasons to love Grizz. For one thing, unlike many of the young men on The Society, he's one of the few not in the death grip of toxic masculinity. He's downright thoughtful, learning sign language in order to communicate with crush Sam (Sean Berdy), who is deaf. (Yes, technically he did study British Sign Language by accident, but it's the thought that counts! Sam and Grizz are my parents.) He's also one of the few people who could save this entire town from starvation, thanks to his farming skills and ability to keep everyone alive during a trek through the woods to find fertile soil.
Then there's Grizz's aesthetic. He looks like a reincarnated teen heartthrob from the '90s. He's basically the only person I want in the Hocus Pocus remake, as he is the worthy successor to Omri Katz's Max by hair alone. He looks like he stepped out of an REI catalog.
Then there's Mulhern IRL, who, thus far, has kept his internet presence minimal — until now. His first post proves that he's not super used to the spotlight yet, as it's not even of his entire face.
"Hey," writes Mulhern in his very first caption.
Comments range from "I'm in love" to "Omg it’s about time I’ve been waiting since Friday." (As a reminder, Friday was...four days ago. But we're eager!)
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Welcome to the 'gram, Mulhern. You're guaranteed to be well-received here.

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