“Old Town Road” Just Got The Sex-Positive Remix That Country Music Sorely Needed

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images.
Alert the internet: CupcakKe has just dropped the video for “Old Town Hoe,” her trap rap remix of “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X. The video is everything you could imagine, and more. Get strapped for a wild ride, full of sex-positivity and bandana halter tops.
The video opens with CupcakKe very much enjoying a penis water bottle. The phallic shapes don’t stop there — she also suggestively devours corn on the cob, giving us all a serious lesson at blow job school. Along with her trusty girlfriends, they ride a stable of toy horses, and we mean riding in every context. If this is a party, we are inviting ourselves to the barn.
The lyrics are also delightfully raunchy. “Like a horse show from the back,” she raps as she proudly rubs her crotch.” Keep suckin' even when he cummin', yeah / All fingers in me like a puppet.” It makes us think of the way we talk with our friends, but serves as a reminder that women aren’t supposed to talk this way in public. CupcakKe is smashing those rules, and we love her for it.
In “Old Town Hoe” CupcakKe is infusing a Black woman’s perspective into country music — an area where it is sorely needed. Like every genre of music, country music is still dominated by white men. Women’s voices in country are still the exception, and Black women are virtually invisible, despite the fact that plenty of Black women are making country music.
It’s refreshing to see CupcakKe take on hip-hop, country, and fight against toxic notions of women’s sexuality. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to hop on our own toy horse. Check out the video below.

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