Pete Davidson Gave His Mom The Ultimate Mother’s Day Present: An SNL Cameo

Photo: Courtesy of Will Heath/NBC.
Pete Davidson was on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update,” and would like you to know that he is not a loser — despite the fact that he lives with his mom and younger sister. And he brought his literal mother, Amy Davidson, on SNL to prove it. So...happy Mother’s Day!
On “Weekend Update,” Davidson talked about having mom as the “world’s best roommate.” He explained that he purchased the house with his mom, so it’s not like he technically lives at home, because “if I buy a house, I’m going to live in it.” Fair point!
Still, there are some tricky situations about living at home. Uh, personal time needs to be very personal and private. “When you’re 25 and your mom catches you masturbating,” explains Davidson, “it’s like, this should not have happened. Who just walks into the kitchen without knocking?” Pete! Keep that in your room in your twin-size bed!
Amy Davidson was a great sport, and even popped on stage wearing a pink sweatshirt emblazoned with the faces of her kids. Anchor Colin Jost asked her what her plans are for Mother’s Day, and Pete explained that he “put her on TV,” which we agree is an awesome gift, and we would do that if we could. What mom wouldn’t love to be on television?
The adult millennial dream is having your own apartment, maybe in a big city, with a cute little planter full of flowers in your window. That dream is very hard to accomplish, and it’s refreshing to see Davidson talk openly about having a momma roommate. And for those of us who live with their parents/family (this writer is raising their hand), living at home does not make you a loser. Still, make sure “self-love” time is in your own room with the door closed. Mum doesn’t need to see that.

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