Cazzie David's Mom Gives Crucial Cazzie-Pete Update

Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images.
Mother's Day is on Sunday, and I sincerely hope that content creator Cazzie David is getting her mom, producer Laurie David, something very good. Cazzie's mother just fully excused Pete Davidson from Cazzie's narrative, and it was perfect.
Cazzie and Saturday Night Live star Davidson dated on and off for several years, before apparently breaking up in 2018. Shortly after the end of their relationship was made public, Davidson began dating, and then got engaged to, Ariana Grande, whom he split from months later. Essentially, Pariana was a whole thing, and Cazzie could not have been more chill about the newfound interest in her love life.
In an interview with Us Weekly on the red carpet for The Biggest Little Farm premiere, the Inconvenient Truth producer and environmental activist schooled us all on what's going on between Cazzie and Davidson. After declaring Davidson is "no longer in [Cazzie's] consciousness," (Laurie, I love you), the mother said:
"She’s so over that. By the way, she just shot a pilot. She’s turning 25 years old and she already, in the can, has a pilot."
Laurie continued to gush to Us Weekly, adding:
"I am so proud of her and she’s doing fantastic. She also has a book deal, by the way."
The pilot that Laurie is referring to is Half Empty, which Cazzie and her writing partner Elisa Kalani wrote for Amazon. Cazzie will star in the single camera comedy, where she'll play a paranoid college student with a wild imagination. The book deal is for her series of personal essays, titled No One Asked For This. This all comes on the heels of her web series 86ed, where she portrays a young woman reeling from a breakup.
Clearly, Cazzie doesn't have time to think about exes — she's too busy taking over the pop culture sphere on her own. And, hopefully, buying her mom something very pretty for the upcoming holiday.

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