Watch Jessica Alba & Gabrielle Union Kick Butt In This Exclusive Clip From L.A.'s Finest

Photo: Courtesy of Spectrum.
Two extremely well-dressed cops bicker back and forth as glass shatters around them. Although they’re stuck in a convenience store shootout, they’re far more interested in debating their interpersonal, opposites-are-stuck-together shenanigans than the crime at hand. But, it’s not that these two detectives don’t care about saving lives. They’re just so good at their jobs, they know they’ll be able to cuff these petty bozos with their eyes closed.
Were you imagining two mismatched dudes like Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in Rush Hour? What about Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in the 21 Jump Street universe? Or Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys? Well, you would be wrong.
Instead, this life threatening scene unfolds around Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union in their brand new series, L.A.’s Finest (which is in fact a spin-off of the aforementioned Bad Boys films). And it’s only a taste of the genre-breaking fun ahead in the Alba and Union-executive produced sexy police drama, which premieres on Monday, May 13.
Finest, a Spectrum cable-only series, follows the saga of LAPD detectives Nancy McKenna (Alba) and Syd Burnett (Union). McKenna is a supposedly straight-laced officer married to Patrick (Ryan McPartlin), a rising member of L.A.’s district attorney's office. Despite Nancy’s allegedly Type-A ways, she just may be hiding a dark secret.
On the other hand, it’s pretty obvious there is something going on with Syd, sister to Bad Boys’ Marcus Burnett (Lawrence). She is a loose cannon who joins the force after something mysterious went down in her former life as a DEA agent. The question is whether Syd’s past is tragic or criminally checkered. Considering one shocking twist in the upcoming premiere, it’s nearly impossible to know which possibility is more likely.
While L.A.’s Finest spends its first season unraveling the mysteries of its two badass stars, the drama also takes a few procedural cues from the likes of Law & Order. Every week, Syd and Nancy — get it? — juggle their enigmatic backstories with a case of the week splashed on your screen. That means technology-obsessed serial killers, twisty heist stories, and some wild homicide investigations. This way, Alba and Union can drop cutting CSI-y bon mots while catching the bad guys across La La Land.
And, yes, those convenience store robbers count as bad guys. Watch the video below to see exactly how Syd and Nancy take them down. Then, if you’re a Spectrum subscriber, tune in to L.A.’s Finest to see what happens next.
Courtesy of Spectrum.
L.A.'s Finest premieres on-demand on Monday, May 13 via Spectrum.

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