Sansa Taking The Iron Throne On Game of Thrones Is Looking More & More Likely

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The show is called Game of Thrones, and we might forget that all these characters are actually playing a game since there are a thousand different things happening in Westeros. But, when you play the game of thrones you either win or you die, and in the end, there can only be one person who sits on the Iron Throne.
When you think back over the last eight seasons, and everything that’s happened, who’s actually played this so-called “game” the best? There are a handful of different arguments to be made for every character, but as we inch closer to the end of the series, it’s clear that Sansa Stark's Iron Throne chances are strong. She's been playing this game better than anyone else. She might actually be the Stark to rule.

Why Sansa Could Take The Iron Throne

Of course, Jon Snow is the most “leader-like” applicant to sit on the throne, with Dany right behind him in terms of who deserves it based on birthright. But Sansa has, time and time again, proved that she has the ability to lead, the skills to do it, and the forethought to think about her people and the repercussions for them. She’s also incredibly smart, and Westeros would be in very good hands should she actually gain all the ruling power.
Suggesting Sansa as the one to sit on the throne isn’t a stretch since there’s no way both Jon and Dany will actually survive to the end (neither will Cersei, but we’ll get to her in a second). There are dozens of different theories surrounding the death of both these characters, with two major ones: Jon will finally become the long prophesied Prince That Was Promised, but in doing so actually kill his beloved, being Dany; and Dany, following in her father’s footsteps, will become somewhat of a Mad Queen and kill Jon to keep him from taking the throne, even though it’s in his birthright.
This also isn’t counting the fact that Varys and Tyrion have somewhat mutually agreed that Dany has to die so Jon can take over. In the same vein of things Not Going Great for Dany in the upcoming episodes, there’s another theory that it was actually Sansa who orchestrated Euron’s attack on Dany’s dragons. That would be a total Littlefinger move, but Sansa did learn about backstabbing from the best. In a roundabout way, Sansa might actually be responsible for Dany’s eventual death. It would be surprising, but not that surprising. The show has already built up enough tension between Dany and Sansa to suggest that one of them is going to get rid of the other as a political move — and it’ll probably be Sansa doing away with Dany.

Could Sansa Kill Cersei On Game Of Thrones?

Turning our attention to Cersei, there’s a slim possibility that she’s going to survive to sit on the Iron Throne again. We know she’s still on Arya’s kill list (with green eyes), and last we saw the assassin she appeared to be heading down to King’s Landing to take care of business. However, now there are theories suggesting that Sansa’s actually going to be the one to kill her. A big theory involves Cersei’s flashback where Maggy the Fog told the young girl that “another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear,” and we were all like, “that is Margaery Tyrell.” But Margaery didn’t actually bring about Cersei’s complete downfall. What if this vision has been about Sansa all along?
Arya might be the one to actually do the deed (just like she killed Littlefinger on Sansa’s command) but Sansa will definitely be a part of it as well. Also, speaking of people Arya might kill, let’s not forget that Dany has green eyes. It’s entirely possible that Arya kills Dany for Sansa, in order to save their family. One way or another, our favorite assassin is killing either Cersei or Dany before the end of Game of Thrones, season 8, episode 6.

Will Sansa Win The Battle In Game Of Thrones Episode 5?

Going into Game Of Thrones episode 5, there’s going to be another big battle between sides and not everyone can be victorious. As far as we know, Sansa is still back in Winterfell, but we know she’s received word of what’s happened down in King’s Landing, with a moment between her and Brienne. She has little to no emotion while reading the news, but it’s also like you can see the wheels turning in her head as to what’s going to happen next. Remember that time Sansa literally saved Jon (and everyone else) during the Battle of the Bastards? History might be repeating itself here with Sansa somehow managing to pull strings behind-the-scenes to save her brother from untimely death and win the battle against Cersei.
That would mean that she’s now won two (2) battles best on her cunning skills alone, and Jon has won zero (0) for charging in without backup, totally read to die.

Could Sansa & Tyrion Rule Westeros Together?

And now, let’s say that some of these things do come true, and Dany and Cersei are eliminated, and Sansa rises to power. Over the past season, Sansa has somewhat rekindled her relationship with Tyrion — not in a romantic way in any means, but the two have clearly shared a few moments since they’re still husband and wife after all. Could you just imagine everything that would get done in Westeros if Sansa was sitting on the throne with Tyrion by her side? Westeros would be an amazing place to live, and the show appears to be hinting at them reforming some sort of team.
This could be simply speculation, but even the Game of Thrones showrunners have addressed that Sansa is the character who has changed the most over the seasons. She might not have been born with a claim to the throne, but out of everyone, she’s proved that she’s the worthiest of it. Time will only tell if Sansa Stark is actually the one who comes out as the queen in the end. It would certainly be shocking, but also completely deserved.

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