Is The 2019 Bachelorette Cast The Youngest Ever?

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Fans already know that this year's Bachelorette is the youngest ever at 24, but how do the ages of Hannah B.'s Bachelorette contestants stack up? Historically, male contestants are older than the leading lady, and the same can be said for Hannah's season. Of her 30 contestants, 24 are older than her. Five are her age, 24, and only one of them is younger than her at 23 years old. A whopping seven men are 27, which makes it unsurprising that the average age of Hannah's contestants is 27. That's actually a little younger than the previous Bachelorette seasons' average age of 29. It seems the show went younger to accomodate for their younger Bachelorette. But it's worth noting that the second largest age groups on the show are her age (24) and six years older at 30.
Hannah B. has caught flack for being so young, with some people alleging that she can't be ready for marriage at 24. Hannah shot back at her detractors while on The Ellen Show. "I know, whatever," she said about people's age concerns. "I'm so ready," she added. "I know I'm young but I would not have gone on this show if I hadn't really thought about what was at the end of this."
Are Hannah's men equally ready? Time will tell, but, for now, here's they are listed in order from youngest to oldest.
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Bachelorette Contestant Matthew: Age 23

This "car bid spotter" is the youngest contestant and the only one younger than Hannah.
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Bachelorette Contestant Connor S.: Age 24

This Justin Bieber-loving contestant wants to start a family — because that is actually something that even 24-year-olds think about, OK world?
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Bachelorette Contestant Dylan: Age 24

This California techie is one of a handful of 24 year olds on the show.
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Bachelorette Contestant John Paul Jones: Age 24

JPJ, as we will refer to him from now on, has a unique occupation as presented by the show. It lists his job as his full name, John Paul Jones. There's a story there about this 24-year-old, and we want to hear it.
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Bachelorette Contestant Hunter: Age 24

Hunter's BC bio says this 24-year-old pro surfer still lives at home.
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Bachelorette Contestant Luke P.: Age 24

The final of five 24-year-olds, Luke P. already made a big impression on Hannah at the After the Final Rose taping. He met her ahead of premiere night, and they appeared to have an instant connection.
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Bachelorette Contestant Daron: Age 25

The first of four 25-year-old contestants is Daron, an IT consultant from Georgia.
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Bachelorette Contestant Jed: Age 25

Jed is chasing his dreams to be a singer/songwriter in Nashville.
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Bachelorette Contestant Matteo: Age 25

He may only be 25, but Matteo has already traveled the world. His bio says he's lived in places like Austria and Kenya.
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Bachelorette Contestant Ryan: Age 25

The last 25-year-old is Ryan, the "roller boy" from Philadelphia.
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Bachelorette Contestant Matt Donald: Age 26

Matt is one of two 26-year-olds on Hannah's season. She previously dated then-26-year-old Colton Underwood.
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Bachelorette Contestant Tyler C.: Age 26

Tyler's bio specifies that he's "only been in one serious relationship," so expect that to be a point of contention on the show.
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Bachelorette Contestant Chasen, Age 27

Chasen is the first of seven 27-year-olds. He's a pilot from Michigan.
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Bachelorette Contestant Garrett, Age 27

Garrett the pro golfer also hails from Hannah's home state of Alabama.
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Bachelorette Contestant Jonathan, Age 27

Jonathan loves going to the clubs, according to his bio.
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Bachelorette Contestant Devin, Age 27

This 27-year-old has plenty of relationship experience. Devin's bio says he's been in three serious relationships lasting from two to five years.
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Bachelorette Contestant Kevin, Age 27

Kevin says he's never been able to make a relationship work because he "loves too hard." Whatever that means.
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Bachelorette Contestant Peter, Age 27

Peter is the second 27-year-old pilot on The Bachelorette this season.
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Bachelorette Contestant Thomas, Age 27

The final 27-year-old is Thomas, a former pro basketball player.
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Bachelorette Contestant Connor J., Age 28

Connor J's ABC bio says he's looking to "build a life" that's full of love and fun with his future partner.
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Bachelorette Contestant Scott, Age 28

In one preview for the premiere, Hannah confronted Scott over allegedly having a girlfriend. Guess age really isn't an indicator of readiness!
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Bachelorette Contestant Tyler G., Age 28

The final 28-year-old is also the second Tyler on the show. Unlike Tyler C., whose bio says he "LOVES to dance," Tyler G. "avoids clubs at all costs."
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Bachelorette Contestant Luke S., Age 29

Luke is a political consultant and the only 29-year-old on the show.
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Bachelorette Contestant Brian, Age 30

The first of five 30-year-olds is this math teacher from Kentucky.
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Bachelorette Contestant Cam, Age 30

Cam was the winner of Hannah's first impression rose on ATFR.
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Bachelorette Contestant Dustin, Age 30

At 30, Dustin says he's looking for a "mature woman" to bring home to mom.
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Bachelorette Contestant Grant, Age 30

Age matters to this guy. Grant said in his bio that he doesn't think younger contestants will be on the show for the right reasons, and he's not afraid to call them on it.
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Bachelorette Contestant Joe, Age 30

The final 30 year old on Hannah's season is Joe, the "Box King" from Chicago. He's super into gambling, Vegas, and clubs, apparently.
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Bachelorette Contestant Mike, Age 31

At 31, Mike is seven years Hannah's senior (not that that's a bad thing!). He's the only 31-year-old on the show.
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Bachelorette Contestant Joey, Age 33

This Maryland finance manager is the oldest contestant on the show. With his 20s behind him, Joey says in his bio that he's ready for marriage, "a house with a pool in the backyard, and a couple of kids running around."

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