Taylor Swift's BBMAs Performance Was A Clue — Just Not The One Fans Were Hoping For

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As fans know, when it comes to the next Taylor Swift album, everything is a possible clue… except for her most recent performance. At Wednesday night’s Billboard Music Awards, Swift performed her new single “Me!” with Brendon Urie for the first time, and although she definitely put on a show the way only she can, she also didn’t seem to drop any hints about her new music that fans have been looking for over the past week — other than doubling down on all the imagery we already know and love.
Swift and Urie opened the awards, starting with a massive drumline that led into a performance that mirrored the “Me!” music video that dropped last Friday. There were plenty of bright, pastel colors everywhere that mark the new era of Swift’s music as she was surrounded by women in suits carrying briefcases. At one point, acrobats hanging from umbrellas were lowered from the ceiling. There were pyrotechnics. Basically every special effect that fans have come to expect from Swift was there on that stage.
The performance ended with Swift and Urie (wearing a rainbow-splattered suit much like the one from the video) hanging from an umbrella over the crowd, and it definitely seemed like a crowd pleaser that captured how fun Swift’s video really was. But if you were hoping for a reveal Swift's highly anticipated album title, this performance might have disappointed you.
Of course, there were plenty of recurring symbols in the performance from the music video — the umbrellas, the briefcases, the rainbows, and even a few butterflies here and there. But these elements didn’t seem like new clues, just like continuity for the song from screen to stage. Swift repeating these elements may not be her way of revealing that they mean anything more than wanting to bring the video to life at the awards.
What the performance did reveal, though, is what fans have to look forward to on Swift’s next tour. The BBMA stage is probably very similar to what Swift will have to work with when it’s time to promote her next album, and with a high energy, fun song like “Me!” the possibilities are endless. Maybe those floating umbrellas will make another appearance?
Knowing Swift, she probably hasn’t shared her album title yet for a good reason — she doesn’t do anything without having a plan behind it, and it’s likely worth the wait. If you’re feeling a little impatient at this point, though, there’s a very good chance you’re not the only one.
Come on, Swift. Give us a title and a release date. Maybe even a tour announcement? If the way she brings her next album to life is anything like her BBMA performance, fans have a lot to look forward to the next time she hits the road.

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