Selena Gomez Designed This Swimsuit To "Cover" Her Kidney Transplant Scar

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images.
Just days after making her big red carpet return, Selena Gomez is hard at work helping one of her closest friends launch a new swimwear line. Sel’s former assistant, Theresa Mingus, is set to launch Krahs Swim on May 2, and the singer-slash-actress designed three limited edition pieces herself. Dubbed “Selena x Krahs Swim,” the options include a zip-up one piece, a classic bikini top, and high-waisted bottoms.
“My brand is called Krahs (pronounced like “cross”), which is ‘shark’ spelled backwards,” Theresa explains to Selena in this promo video. “I’ve always had this weird fixation with sharks. It started when I was little and I lived with my mom, and she would literally let me watch anything I wanted. And I binge watched all of the Jaws movies.”
That’s why Theresa wanted to incorporate design touches like a “shark bite” print on some of the suits. She also chose the shark’s recognizable fossil mouth to be the logo for Krahs.
As for Selena, she revealed that her designs were influenced by her own needs and life experiences.
“I did have a really good time designing,” Selena says. “The design I did, one of them, it was the high-waisted one with the belt. I’ve had a kidney transplant, and I like bathing suits that kind of cover where that’s been and make me feel comfortable.”
In the promo video, Selena opens up about her friendship with Theresa and what she’s most looking forward to about the collection.
“You know what I’m excited about?” Sel tells Theresa. “I’m just excited for people to get to know you because you’ve been in my life for so long. You’re doing this for other women, and you’re doing this as a businesswoman. So I feel like I’m proud, and it can encourage tons of other girls to do what you did.”
Over on Instagram, Selena shared a personal message dedicated to Theresa to celebrate the launch of Krahs.
“I met Theresa five years ago,” she wrote. “We worked together and became best friends. She has taught me how to see life in a fun, carefree and uplifting way. She has shown me how to be a strong and fearless woman. She is beautiful, kind and smart. I saw how capable she was of achieving her dreams. I wanted nothing more than to see her pursue them and soar. And here you are making it happen T. I love you and I am so proud of you.”

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