Vanderpump Rules Season 7's 3-Part Reunion Is Going To Be A Doozy — What We Know

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
This season of Vanderpump Rules is coming to a close, as evidenced by the fact that we are finally about to see Brittany and Jax’s engagement party and the Kentucky relatives and mashed potato bar that comes along with it. But after the engagement party wraps up, there’s still a little more of the season to come when the Vanderpump Rules Season 7 reunion airs and the cast hashes out everything all over again.
Some things about the reunion are a given. The main cast members are going to be there, the biggest drama from the season is going to be discussed, and Lisa Vanderpump is going to act like she’s running the show along with Andy Cohen. But, there are some things that fans might still be curious about going in to the reunion, like which minor characters will show up, when it was filmed, and where everyone is sitting.
So, to try to answer some of your burning questions, here’s everything we know about the Vanderpump Rules reunion going in.

Which Vanderpump Rules Cast Members Are At The Reunion?

All of the main cast members will be there, along with some appearances from SUR hostess Billie Lee, Stassi's boyfriend Beau, and James' girlfriend Raquel. Scheana's hookup/boyfriend/friend with benefits Adam won’t be there, according to what Scheana told TooFab. There's no word on Kristen's boyfriend (or ex?) Carter.

When Was The Vanderpump Rules Season 7 Reunion Filmed?

The Vanderpump season 7 reunion was filmed on March 29, as reported by Us Weekly. The actual season filmed last summer, in 2018, and the last big event of the season, Brittany and Jax’s engagement party, was held on August 21,2019.

When Do The Vanderpump Rules Reunion Episodes Air?

While each episodes' air date isn't confirmed, the reunion premieres on May 6, so it would stand to reason the others air May 13 and May 20.

Is There Video From The Vanderpump Rules Reunion Yet?

Yes, there sure is. The trailer for the Vanderpump season 7 reunion is out (you have to hop over to to see it), and it includes a showdown between James and Jax that involves the two having to be physically separated.
The trailer includes a lot of misdirection, but confirmed topics of conversation appear to be:
1. Tom Sandoval questioning Brittany and Jax’s future
2. Everyone in the cast calling Raquel out for staying with James
3. Tom Sandoval’s ongoing defense of James against pretty much everyone
4. A tweet involving Lala’s late father (yeeeeeeikes)
5. Jax’s continued self improvement (and Andy Cohen calling him out on how slowly it’s moving)
6. Beau’s first reunion special (and Stassi’s first reunion with a boyfriend)
7. Scheana talking about how much action she’s been getting
8. Billie Lee feeling left out at SUR
9. Lisa Vanderpump having hurt feelings over… something (perhaps Adriana’s impending confrontation)
And as always, there will be lots of pointing, name-calling, and one-liners. (Lala has the most memorable one in the trailer, per usual.)

Where Will Vanderpump Cast Members Be Sitting During The Reunion?

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
Bravo has released the Vanderpump Rules reunion seating chart, and if we go from left to right, there’s Brittany, Jax, Kristen, Lala, Katie, Tom Schwartz, Andy, Lisa, Tom Sandoval, Ariana, Stassi, James, and Scheana. As you can see, the couples are sitting next to each other, and Schwartz got a prime spot sitting next to Andy just like his business partner LVP. Also, Scheana is way on the end, one can assume because she moved to Marina Del Rey and has been having her own separate drama this season.

How Dramatic Will The Vanderpump Rules Reunion Be?

It’s always dramatic, but this time around some of the cast is making things seem extra intense.
According to Us Weekly, Jax responded to an Instagram Story Scheana posted and wrote, “This is the fucking craziest reunion we’ve ever had in our entire seven years of being on the show. Like, hands down.” Us also reported that Kristen said on the social media platform, “So, here’s the fucking conclusion to the Vanderpump Rules shitty ass reunion” along with a middle finger emoji.
Meanwhile, James Kennedy told Page Six that it was “saucy, sweet and salty all at the same time,” and Scheana told On The Red Carpet that for her “it was one of the easier ones,” but teased that that wasn’t the case for everyone, adding, “But, dude, several good episodes to come past the finale for sure.”
Well, well, well. Can’t wait to see what really goes down, but I’d bet that everyone being mad at James is going to be a major theme.

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