Teenage Sisters Accused Of Murdering Their Mother

Photo: Courtesy of Ericka Hall's Facebook.
Ericka Hall
Two teenage sisters accused of shooting and stabbing their mother to death in Magnolia, MS spoke briefly with a local news station on Sunday.
Erica Hall, 32, died at her home after being stabbed multiple times and shot with a small-caliber handgun on January 5. Her daughters, 14-year-old Amariyona Hall and her 12-year old sister (whose name hasn't been released) were arrested and charged in connection with the killing.
Amariyona was recently released on a $10,000 from the Pike County Jail where she was being held as and adult. Her sister has been charged as juvenile. When asked by a WJTV reporter if they could take back what happened, Amariyona said, "Yes."
The girls wouldn't talk about the night their mother died. The Pike County Sheriff's Department contends that they planned the crime in advance, knocking on the front door of their mother's home to lure her outside where they killed her. Off-camera, the sisters told WJTV that they were at their aunt's home on the night of the murder.
Greg Malta, the girls' lawyer, has stated that the girls will present a self defense case at trial. He's also suggested they were questioned inappropriately by sheriff's deputies. On Sunday, Amariyona told reporters there was abuse at the home.
Their father, Eddie Isaac, defended his daughters.
"It feels good to have them out. A lot of people don't think they should be, but they are kids. It was a lot. We didn't come to the bottom of it. There was a lot of stuff we didn't know. But it's coming out," he said.

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