This Is The Underwear-Baring Amy Schumer Growing Moment Everyone Will Be Talking About

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Sorry, HBO, Netflix has officially won the millennial stand-up game. In recent years, the streaming service has cornered the market on comedy specials. That’s why there is now a John Mulnaney Jokes As… Everything meme. Musicals? Check. Game Of Thrones characters? By the Old Gods and the New. Even the very nostalgic realm of mid-to-late aughts pop punk been put through the lens of Netflix's beloved lanky, Ice-T-loving stand-up.
So when fellow internet favorite Amy Schumer debuts a brand new special on the site, you know it’s bound for social media infamy. Especially since her latest stand-up hour, Growing, premiering March 19, is all about her heavily Instagrammed pregnancy. (Yes, this is the special she was promoting by stripping down to her fully nude birthday suit over the weekend.)
Amid Schumer’s many jokes about married life and pregnancy, one is destined to live on forever on Twitter. In true Schumer fashion, the moment allows the comedian to bare all — this time both literally and figuratively.
Less than five minutes into the special, Schumer — who was forced to cancel her tour last month due to hyperemesis gravidarum, aka severe pregnancy nausea and vomiting — complains about strangers’ aggressive demands to see her so-called baby bump. “People always want to see the bump. That’s the thing,” she explains, before imitating the onlookers, adding, “‘Just show me that fucking bump, bitch.’” Although Schumer is “joking” about the unwanted attention around her pregnancy, you can tell she’s tired of it. She’s tired of random people treating her body — a body that continues its march through the pregnancy wringer, no less — like an object.
So, she reminds the world she and her "bump" are very real and in the midst of some painful changes. Schumer pulls the hem of her dress to her chest, unveiling the tops of her knee-high boots, a pair of tiny black bikini briefs, and her bare stomach. Schumer’s belly button is covered with two Band-Aids because it’s “getting so misshapen with this baby inside,” as the comedian explains. The metaphorical You wanted to see this wildly intimate view and here it is, in all its swollen glory. Schumer parades around stage for about 10 full seconds, angling her body around the theater. This way, everyone in the crowd gets a look at her much talked about pregnancy body and underwear clad frame.
“That’s more than you bargained for, right?,” Schumer asks the likely shocked individuals in the front row. This is the most the comic has ever physically revealed of herself on-stage since her first major special, HBO's Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo in 2015 (and, remember, she opened for Madonna in 2016). The audience appeared to appreciate the surprise, applauding and whooping in response. “Somebody’s neglecting their bikini area,” Schumer jokes once her dress returns to its natural resting place.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
It's 20 seconds primed for endless “It me” texts.
It’s also moment that is deeply reminiscent of one of fellow Netflix stand-up Ali Wong’s best Hard Knock Wife bits. During the 2018 special, Wong, who recently had a baby and is pregnant once again, explains how much giving birth changed one of her previously “dainty” best friends. Said friend was in labor for 72 hours before ultimately undergoing a C-section.
That pregnancy horror story apparently forever changed the woman. When Wong eventually visited her postpartum pal, the comedians claims she yelled, “Look at my pussy, Ali! Look at this!” “This” is the woman’s dangling labia. Continuing to recreate the moment, Wong lifts up her own skintight leopard print tank dress to reveal a bit of the striped underwear underneath, as her friend did before her. Wong pulls the gag twice more, continuing to scream about her BFF’s “cah-ray-zy” genitalia. One unsuspecting man in the audience is so overwhelmed, he covers his eyes.
While the Tuca & Bertie star doesn’t completely bare her underwear, she and Schumer share similar goals. Like Schumer, Wong wants to demystify the bodies that pregnancy changes while also giving everyone what they allegedly want to see.
And if you want to see these famous "bumps," then you’re going to have to hear about the protruding belly buttons, torn C-section scars, and hyperemesis gravidarum that comes with them — but feel free to GIF the moment after.

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