Forget Cosmopolitans — Sarah Jessica Parker Is Releasing A Wine Collection

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
You know what pairs perfectly with Sex and the City marathons? Nope, not cosmopolitans. Instead, sit back and sip from Sarah Jessica Parker's new wine collection every time Carrie says, “I couldn’t help but wonder...”
The actress and self-proclaimed “wine lover” is teaming up with New Zealand-based company Invivo Wines to create a line of spirits just in time for summer. The collection will focus primarily on sauvignon blanc and rosé wines, and connoisseurs can sign up to be notified about the official launch on the brand’s website.
“I love including wine in family dinners and occasions with friends so this is a very exciting and fun project for me. I’m so looking forward to every single stage of the creation,” Parker told People. “It’s pretty freakin’ special.”
Parker, who revealed she drinks wine from jars instead of glasses, also noted that she plans to be extremely hands-on during the process. From naming the wines to designing bottle labels, to even the winemaking itself, Parker made it clear she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.
To prove it, she’s even bringing her own pair of “gumboots.” They’re no stilettos, but they are known in New Zealand as the perfect grape-stomping shoes.
Oh, we’d pay good money to watch Carrie Bradshaw stomp grapes.

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