Of Course This Is What Colton & Cassie Are Doing On Their First Real Date

Photo: John Fleenor via Getty Images.
It's official: Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph are...together. Eschewing the Bachelor tradition of leaving the long-running series engaged, Underwood and Randolph are just happy to finally begin their relationship away from the cameras. While filming ended some time ago, the two had to stay out of the public eye until the whole story unfolded, but now they're ready for their first real date, and they told Good Morning America exactly what it's going to be.
In a move that won't surprise fans of the golden boy and girl, Underwood and Randolph are headed to Frozen on Broadway this Thursday for their first official date as they spend time in NYC. Technically, though, their first public outing was at the airport.
"We were in the airport and we were like, 'Oh, we're together! In public!'" Underwood said.
"So fun," Randolph added. "I felt like a rebel, but we're not."
Frozen will be the first of many dates in the couple's future, who want to explore what a real relationship feels like before they consider getting more serious.
"I went into [The Bachelor] open and ready for an engagement and until you get there, you don’t realize how little time you actually get to be really sure that's a lifelong commitment you're ready to make," Randolph explained earlier in the segment.
"Right now, we’re enjoying dating," Underwood later said. "But we have talked about an engagement. We’ll see!" (I feel like there's a "Let It Go" joke here...)
Watch their interview below.

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