Meet Harry Strickland, The GOT Character Who Is Somehow Not A New Jersey Lawyer?

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After months of teases and letdowns, Game Of Thrones finally released a substantial trailer for its eighth and last season — which means the theories have officially begun. In just one minute and fifty-three seconds, fans have found a wealth of content to puzzle over, including the reveal of Harry Strickland, a character from the books who has yet to appear in the HBO show.
If you're like me, though, you never got past the words "Harry Strickland." In what universe is that the name of a Game Of Thrones character? "Hello, yes, this is Hodor, this is Brienne of Tarth, and this is Harry Strickland — their greasy accountant???" "Harry Strickland" belongs on the other end of a phone call with Carmelo Soprano as she's trying to get a divorce and not, as "A Wiki Of Ice And Fire" claims, on a boat leading the Golden Company to the stormlands.
Harry Strickland appeared in A Dance With Dragons, the fifth book in the A Song Of Ice And Fire series, and is a sort of lumpy, weathered man who is an exiled knight of House Strickland and apparently likes elephants. He was raised with the Golden Company, a giant collection of soldiers who sell their services to bidders. In A Dance With Dragons, Strickland brings the Golden Company to Jon Connington and Aegon Targaryen, but he's generally looked down upon.
"Harry Strickland had always been a genial man, better at hammering out contracts than at hammering on foes," Connington says in the book. "He had a nose for gold, but whether he had the belly for battle was another question."
Since Strickland is basically in charge of an army for hire, could he be bringing said army to help fight in that infamous upcoming battle scene? Will ? he ? bring ? an ? elephant?
The answer, ultimately, is no: Strickland did not bring elephants, much to Cersei's disappointment. Hours after meeting him, she mutters: "I wanted those elephants." But Harry did bring an undeniable...charisma. Twitter responded well.
German actor Marc Rissmann would be tackling the role. However, Instagram says he looks like this:
Strickland is played by German actor Marc Rissmann. Rissman and his golden head of hair have previously appeared in The Main in the High Castle, Overlord, and many German shows.
So clearly HBO is taking some LIBERTIES — but if that's the case, could they maybe update the name as well? I just know every time he appears on screen, the Cellino & Barnes jingle will play in my head.
Games Of Thrones returns on April 14.

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