Who Is Still In The Running To Be The Next Bachelorette?

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This season of The Bachelor, starring Colton Underwood, is winding down. As we approach the fantasy suite rounds, we’re naturally wondering who will keep the journey going. Who is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise? Who is going to the next Bachelorette? We certainly haven’t seen the last of Underwood’s exes — in particular, the final four, who are all the subjects of future Bachelorette chatter.
Caelynn Miller-Keyes, who was sent home last week, was accused by her housemates of not being there for the right reasons. She may have even ruined her chances of being the Bachelorette by having the gall to (allegedly) say out loud that she wants to be the Bachelorette. Which is why we’re raising an eyebrow at her change of heart: Miller-Keyes told Us Weekly that she does not want to be the Bachelorette. “I think I would be hesitant, just because this process sucked for me...because it was hard, it was emotional. It was so incredibly hard for me,” she said, calling the filming process “absolute hell.” She seems convincing in her denial, but we think if Chris Harrison offered her the spot, she would answer the call. Will her tearful breakup endear Bachelor Nation to continue her journey?
Next, we have Cassie Randolph, who may not even be eligible to be the Bachelorette. The resident surfer may have swept Underwood off his virginal feet, if this paparazzi photo is to be believed. Underwood was spotted hitting the gym with actor Gregg Sulkin, who is currently dating Randolph’s sister, Michelle. They were also seen in California, where Randolph lives. We’re totally taking to this to mean that Underwood hanging out with his new fam, and are crossing her off the Bachelorette list.
Tayshia Adams may have gone bungee jumping with Underwood, but it’s hard to see how she wins the ultimate prize. She committed the cardinal sin of The Bachelor by talking mad smack about other contestants. Adams spilled the beans to Underwood that Miller-Keyes and Randolph may not be as genuine as they appear. Underwood seemed to completely disregard her warnings, as both women made it to hometowns. Assuming she doesn’t make it to the end, she would be perfect Bachelorette material (scandals aside), because she’s just so damn entertaining. Her exuberant personality would thrill Bachelor Nation and give her suitors a run for their money. We stan a skydiving Bachelorette.
Hannah Godwin definitely has Underwood’s heart — and his loins, as we saw in their spa date. Still, we’re left wondering what, if anything, is particularly distinguishing about Godwin. She seems nice, lovely, and sweet, but little about her stands out in a way that Bachelor Nation will remember. In other words, we don’t have a reason for root for her, absent a total emotional breakdown or massive scandal during the fantasy suites.
Regardless of who Harrison and Mike Fleiss pick, we’re just hoping they don’t tap back seasons to produce a total left-field pick. We can’t handle another Arie Luyendyk, Jr. situation. And between Miller-Keyes and Brown, we’re sure to have a more interesting lead than Underwood (who has still not jumped the fence).

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