Here's Every Woman Who Got Kicked Off Of The Bachelor

Photo: Courtesy of ABC/Craig Sjodin.
This winter, every Monday night, Colton Underwood will romance (or do his best to romance) the 30 women presented for him. Each week, after some light romancing in the form of group dates and bloated one-on-ones, he'll send a few of these women home.
"You're too good for me," he'll say, weeping.
"This just wasn't our time," he'll say, also weeping.
"I just can't stop weeping," he'll explain later. (Underwood is weepy. It's a powerful trait!)
Then, the women will pack their suitcases and return home, forced to confront a new life of Instagram influence and slippery DMs. The exits are actually, most often, the best part of the show. This is where the contestants show their true mettle. This is where the quiet contestants reveal that they are in fact quite loud. This is where girls become women. This is where the meat of The Bachelor lies.
Ahead, all the women who left rose-less, but far from hopeless, on this season of The Bachelor.
Update: Ten weeks later and Colton Underwood has left this slideshow filled to the brim with 30 slides. Let's take a walk down memory lane ahead of part 2 of the finale.

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