The Street Style At Paris Fashion Week Is Making Us Rethink Our Closet

Photographed by Asia Typek
In a surprising turn of events, Paris Fashion Week is unseasonably warm this season. It is (as you will see) exposed-ankles-mini-skirts-and-hawaiian-shirts warm. Street style during these next 7 days is extra special, because while some editors may opt out of London and Milan, everyone attends Paris. Not only is it the ultimate gauge of what editors will be wearing come spring, it is a peek into what fashion and personal style means to editors around the globe. The industry's biggest designers (Dries Van Noten, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu) show here, as do the brightest rising talent (Each x Other, Ottolinger, Marques' Almeida). The shows are not to be missed, and that goes for the street style as well. It's the Oscars red carpet of fashion month, except the red carpet is the streets of Paris and the celebrities here are editors and stylists.
Textures reached an all-time high, prints extended beyond predictable florals, and there are color combos aplenty. Maybe it's the baguettes and fromage in Paris that's inspiring these double-take, repeat-scroll-worthy looks. The styling seen here is so uniformly brilliant, it'll be easy to make these looks your own.
Here’s that gold medal and granola bar: congratulations! You’ve made it to the fashion month finish line. Click through for the looks at Paris Fashion Week that make us excited, inspired, and happy.
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School boy chic minus the roller backpack.

Blanca Miró Scrimieri
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Where do we find a jacket with our elementary bathroom wallpaper print too?
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The queen of print and texture mish-mashing.

Susie Lau
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How cropped can your jacket go?
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The tourist poncho gets an outdoorsy update.
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Head-to-toe milk chocolate goals.

Eva Chen
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tfw it's day 27 of fashion month and you can't decide if you want to wear plaid or trench coats anymore.
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Quilted coats! Goodnight!
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A spring jacket we can't wait to wear!

Nikki Ogunnaike
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Frankenstein sleeves! And make sure to your favorite pearls get some time in the spotlight too.

Leandra Medine
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Find a friend who holds your umbrella for you. And wears fringe like it's nobody's business.
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Wondering if those lilac gloves are touch-screen friendly.
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High boots > pants.

Aleali May
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Orange you glad orange is back?
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Forget tie dye. Should we watercolor our clothing?
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Seeing the world through rose-colored jumpsuits.
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Ready for creamsicle dressing this summer.
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Khaki queen reporting for duty.

Tamu Mcpherson
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When you love dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate equally.
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Wanted: ketchup.

Candace Marie
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Oscar the Grouch (but not grouchy) with an identity crisis.
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A knit that just made us gasp audibly.
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Black turtlenecks under everything!

Milla Loud
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Arrives to an afternoon tea party via a motorcycle.
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The popularity contest between kelly green and slime green is a nail-biter.
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Your go-to rainy day trench. Just don't let the straps of your sleeves touch the ground.
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Sometimes a simple, colorful maxi is all you need.
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A breath of fresh air in a dress.
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#TeamPrairieDress is still going strong.
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Find detachable sleeves to coordinate with the ups-and-downs of the weather.
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Not a regular dad, a cool dad.
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Cute hats can find a cute place on your back as an accessory as well.
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Can 100% get behind chaps as the new pants trend.
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Tell us how you really feel!

Tyler McCall
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The cool girl at the country club that you actually want to be friends with.
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An eat-your-spinach-and-wear-it-too blazer.

Caroline de Maigret
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Neo from The Matrix heads to Paris, leaves with a lime green trench instead of his usual black one.
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Big jacket, teeny-tiny bag.
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Apparently thinking about udon while walking to a show. Same.

Eva Chen
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Is there a better collab than Thom Browne and Janelle Monáe?

Janelle Monáe
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Having lots of feelings about this ombré grey coat right now.
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How to layer for style instead of warmth.
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When you wear a coat this puffy, float, don't walk.

Eva Chen
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The most fashionable duo award goes to: these cuties.
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In a sea of blazers and trench coats, wear a festive dress.
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Packing tip: Intentionally bunch your jackets up at the bottom of your suitcase.
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One of these sleeves is not like the other.

Alyssa Coscarelli
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A denim ruffle mille-feuille coming through!

Susie Lau
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The dreamiest whites with the dreamiest sneakers.

Clara Cornet
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Fresh off the plane, of which she is the pilot.

Julie Pelipas
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Unsure when the boots start and when the pants end. And we like it that way.

Melody Trend
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Florals and fringe!? Yes please.

Amanda Murray
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Tuck your shirt in the front and let it hang in the back. It's the high-fashion version of business in the front, party in the back.

Julie Pelipas
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Yes, we would like to start getting our boots made out of the same material as our coats too.

Tiffany Hsu
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Which black-and-white movie seen do we think she came from?
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Traffic-stopping blue. And we're not even mad about it.

Candace Marie
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Grateful for mini pastry holders, a.k.a. that bag.

Xenia Adonts
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An all-black trench with pops of white. That's all!

Bettina Looney
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Let's discuss these patchwork jeans.

Linda Fargo
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Bright! Turtlenecks! Under! Everything!
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We will never say "no" to a good Converse outfit.
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That belt buckle you bought from your trip to Austin? It's time to dig it up. Yeehaw!

Veronika Heilbrunner
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Another parachute dress sighting!

Reese Blutstein
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Wear your swimsuit over your tee to summon summer.

Kat Collings
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Suddenly craving a piece of Hubba Bubba.
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Leather under a suit? Here for this surprising combo.
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Stepped into our fashion time machine and...hello, 70s.
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Vroom vroom! We're almost at the Fashion Month finish line.
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Two waistbands are always better than one.
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Our shoulders have a lot to say, so we'll let them do the talking.
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Upholstery coats! We're here for it.
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Head-to-toe rouge never gets old.

Nicole Chapoteau
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A shimmy worthy top.

Vanessa Hong
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Fashion show or nap time?
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Scooby Doo's Velma in 2019.
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Good morning to this marigold suit and the matching padded headband.

Tiffany Hsu
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Another scarf styling trick!
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Spotted in the wild: parachute dresses, leopard edition.
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We want a robe version of all of our printed pants ASAP.

Veronika Heilbrunner
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An equestrian with an affinity for low-slung trousers.
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A fashion week mainstay forever: the utilitarian jumpsuit.
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Hot pink! And hot red!

Kim Jones
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Sheer blazers allow your sleeves underneath to shine for a lil bit too.
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This padded orange jacket looks like a mandarin that's ready to be peeled.
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When you're a city girl, but can also crush a tree pose at the yoga retreat.
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Getting heart palps thinking about layering long sleeves under our dresses.

Anahita Moussavian
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Hopefully texting us about where she got that skirt.
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Haven't you heard? Tropical coconuts are the hottest fashion show drink right now.
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#1 micro flag fan!
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Hot pink! Hot dress!
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Seen on the streets of Paris: the librarian chic trend in full effect already.
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We're suckers for a crisp classic trench and selvedge denim.
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Canadian tuxedo meets tear-away pants for dramatic moments.
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1, 2, 3, 4, 5 different scarves spotted under this all black ensemble.
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It's a belt, but it's also a nice little spot to rest your hands while still looking chic AF.
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These colors. *kisses fingers*
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So glad the slouchy blazer found her matching slouchy duster coat.
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Dreaming about matching silk sets from now until we finally find one.
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Slime green everything forever!
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An admirable Blue Period.
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Triple up on belt buckles so that you can go about your day worry-free of it coming undone.
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A naturally-catches-the-wind-like-a-movie dress.
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The bigger the vest, the greater surface area for pockets. More pockets, more croissant holders.
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Newsflash: ponchos are making a comeback.
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Which look are you? We're the one that says mob boss pizza shop owner.
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Starting to warm up to tan outfits thanks to this month's street style.

Milla Loud
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How to make your bright yellow suit pop even more? Clashing accessories.

Candace Marie
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The oversized blazer is still going strong.
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The ultimate sign of spring: sleeveless blazers.
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Take it from us: canvas is the new khaki.
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15/10 reinterpreted Top Gun outfit.
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Should we start studying up on knot tying techniques for rope belt optimization?
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Find yourself a bag that moonlights as a mini hula hoop.
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Suits borrowed from the boys will never get old.
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A Mask of Zorro hat adds that extra element of drama to your look.

Beatrice Gutu
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Not your grandma's paisley. Actually it is, and we love it.
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A cream puff that escaped from the boulangerie across la rue.

Courtney Trop
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She's in the band.

Blanca Miró Scrimieri
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A textural fashion dream come true.

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