Don't Overlook These Underrated 2019 Movies

Photo: courtesy of MGM Pictures.
Let's briefly state the obvious: There is a lot of content out there. Each Friday, Netflix drops enough new movies and TV shows to keep a person indoors all weekend. Prestige TV has yet to run out of fascinating new topics to turn into sparkly programs. And don't get us started on podcasts.
So, it's easy to pass by the hidden gems. You may not have heard of the movies on this list – or you may just not have been paying attention. Maybe you strolled past ads in the subway, or talked through trailers while at buzzier movies. Either way: We're telling you now.
These are the under-hyped 2019 movies that will make you go home and tell your friends, "Stop everything and watch this movie." They fly under the radar — so we're putting them on yours.

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