Grown-ish: Zoey Makes Her Biggest Mistake Yet

Photo: Courtesy of Freeform/Jessica Brooks.
Like any college student, Zoey (Yara Shahidi) has made her share of missteps. She accidentally spilled secret fashion intel at her Teen Vogue fellowship, inadvertently created friend drama, and once earned herself the nickname "Cup Bitch." All forgivable (and pretty common) college offenses. However, on season 2's "Wild'n Cuz I'm Young," Zoey may have made a mistake that could cost her entire college career.
It starts with a pre-finals party. Zoey is convinced that she can head back to her apartment at a reasonable hour to get some chemistry studying in, as she has a big exam the next day. However, Zoey makes excuse after excuse, and completely flakes on studying.
Bombing at least one exam is pretty much par for the course with college. Unfortunately, Zoey makes a rash, bad decision in the wake of facing a bad grade. She drops her pencil, and when her classmate goes to pick it up, Zoey snaps a photo of his exam. She then uses the pic to copy the test scores...cheating on her final exam.
It seems that Zoey got away with it — until she gets an email from her professor, asking Zoey to discuss her final immediately. Though we don't see the end result of Zoey's doesn't look good.
It's hard to imagine where Zoey could go from here. If she does get caught cheating on her exam, it's likely grounds for expulsion. If she doesn't get caught, will she actually learn her lesson? Struggling through finals is definitely relatable for college students, but cheating also comes with huge risks that can derail future plans.
If Grown-ish is all about finding oneself and learning from our mistakes, it's hard to imagine that the show would let Zoey cheat on her exam and suffer no consequences for those actions. Will Zoey learn a valuable lesson, the most difficult way possible? Only time will tell.

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