The Ultimate Cast Guide To Mexican Dynasties, Bravo's Newest Off-The-Rails Reality Show

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Read enough fantasy novels, and you'll know the first book of a series is devoted to introducing readers to a fictional region's powerful clans. In Game of Thrones, for example, the Starks lord over Winterfell; the Lannisters are constantly encroaching upon King's Landing.
With that in mind, the first episode of Bravo's new show Mexican Dynasties unfolds almost like a fantasy novel would — if said fantasy novel were actually a haywire reality TV show, that is. Mexican Dynasties, which premieres on Bravo on February 26, introduces us to three of Mexico City's wealthiest and most powerful families: the Allendes, the Madrazos, and the Bessudos. As in any fantasy novel, each clan has cordoned off a particular industry as its area of expertise. The Allendes have cornered the entertainment sector; the Madrazos, cars. The Bessudos founded a soda company called Jarritos.
But they all share an over-the-top sensibility. Whereas Netflix's show Made in Mexico focuses on the young elite of Mexico City, the castmembers of Mexican Dynasties skew older (the youngest cast member, Adan Allende, is 27), and thus have settled comfortably into their rambunctiousness. During priceless one-on-one interviews, the families' live-in domestic workers verbalize everything you might be thinking. Before embarking on Bravo's first foray into Mexico, here's what you need to know about the clans — and their very memorable members.
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The Allende Family

The Allende family are used to the public eye. Fernando Allende rose to fame in the 1980s as a singer and soap opera. He and his wife, Mari, have been married for 30 years and have two sons together. Adán and Elan Allende have followed in their father's entertainment footsteps, to varying degrees of success.
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Fernando Allende
Insta Handle: @fernandoallendeofficial

Who He Is: Fernando Allende is an actor, singer, tequila maker, and one of Mexico's most famous entertainers. At 22, he launched to fame when he starred as Efrain, a romantic lead, in María. He's appeared in TV shows in Mexico and the United States. Fernando has been married to Mari Mediavilla for 30 years. They were once a very glamorous couple.

Random Trivia: In his mid-60s, Allende became a visual artist. His art would eventually be shown at the Venice Biennale. Allende was inspired to begin painting while living in Aspen. "I would dream the same thing until it turned into a nightmare. What I realized I wasn't doing was going to buy the paints and brushes and starting paintings. It was like a celestial message," Allende told the Aspen Times.
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Mari Mediavilla

What's Her Deal? Mari Mediavilla met her husband, Fernando Allende, after he moved to California to break into the American market. Mari is Puerto Rican. In 2001, the couple briefly moved to Puerto Rico. She works as his manager. They spent their 30th anniversary at a church in Manila (Mari posted a video of the visit).

Random Trivia: The Allendes are friends with Prince Michael of Kent, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.
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Adán Allende
Insta Handle: @adanallende

What's His Deal? Adán (27) is Fernando and Mari's second son. He lives with his parents in their Mexico City penthouse. They are, as you'll see in the show, super close (per his Twitter: "Being with my family is like ice skating on a golden rink in the clouds"). After having been in a band with his brother, Adán is now trying to launch a solo career as a singer and actor. His YouTube channel is teeming with Queen covers, vlog updates, the occasional music video, and philosophy rants. When he's in a bad mood, he calms down by drinking milk and cuddling with his parents (eally).

Random Trivia: Adan starred in a 2010 remake of Maria, the movie that launched his father's career. Like his father, he played Efrain, the romantic lead.
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Elan Allende
Insta Handle: @elanallende

What's His Deal? Elan is the elder Allende brother. He and his wife, Jenny, don't live in Mexico City. Like his brother, Elan's YouTube presence is full of unabashed song. Elan's a bit bewildered by his brother and parents' close elationship.

Random Trivia: Elan and his wife have a musical acts called Shambayah.
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Jenny Allende
Insta Handle: @jen.allende

What's Her Deal? Jen Allende — born Jennifer Colón Alvarado — is a Puerto Rican pageant queen. In 2009, she represented Puerto Rico at the Miss World pageant. She and Elan married in 2010 in a small ceremony. They have two children, Maria Valentina and Fernando Jose. Like Elan, she was partially raised in the continental United States. Given the amount of eye rolls, she doesn't seem thrilled be living back with Elan's family.

Random Trivia: Jenny and her husband really, really like themed photo shoots.
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The Bessudo Family

Doris calls her mother, Raquel, the "Joan Rivers of Mexico." Raquel was famous for being a television personality and socialite. But her money comes from another source: Raquel Bessudo married into one of Mexico's wealthiest families when she was 17. Raquel's father-in-law, Isaac Bessudo, founded Jarritos, a popular Mexican soft drink. Doris is her mom's "daught-ager" — daughter-manager.
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Raquel Bessudo
Insta Handle: @raqbess

What's Her Deal? Raquel is known for being a famous television host — and for her love story. Raquel met Leon Bessudo Sourasky at her 16th birthday party. They were engaged a month later, and were married from 1963 until his passing in June 2018. Raquel and Leon had three children together: Daughters Patricia and Doris, and a son, Isaac, who died in 1980. They were prominent members of Mexico's Jewish-Mexican circles, and were always open about their relationship.

Random Trivia: Raquel's family emigrated to Mexico from Poland just before WWII. She wrote about her family's experiences in a book.
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Doris Bessudo
Insta Handle: @dorisbessudo

What's Her Deal? After her father died, Doris moved back to Mexico City to be with her mother. She works as her manager.

Random Trivia: There's a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills connection here. Doris Bessudo is related to Kyle Richard's husband, Maurcio Umansky. Doris' grandfather was a brother to Mauricio's grandmother.
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The Madrazo Family

The Madrazos made their fortune in luxury car imports — but Oscar and Paulina Madrazo decided not to continue in the successful business their father created. Instead, Oscar founded a modeling agency, and Paulina works in entertainment and TV. This isn't the first time the Madrazo siblings have capitalized on their personal brand of being rich, charming siblings. They host a TV show called "Que Madrazo." As Oscar puts it in the Bravo introductory clip, "Now, we're very important."
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Oscar Madrazo
Insta Handle: @madazooscar

What's Is Deal? Oscar is, first and foremost, a successful businessman. According to Bravo, Madrazo owns Contempo Models, the largest modeling agency in Latin America. Along with his sister, Oscar hosts a show called "Que Madrazo." Oscar is gay and looking for a partner. For now, though, he's also doing fun things like attending Elton John's Oscar party.

Random Trivia: Oscar had two children on his own. His young son, Axel, is probably the most famous person on the show: He has 41k Instagram followers, exceeding the rest of the cast. Axel is on the Netflix show Luis Miguel. Oscar also has a daughter named Anyk.
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Paulina Madrazo
Insta Handle: @madazooscar

What's Her Deal? Paulina and Oscar coordinated their forays into parenthood — they had children at the same time. They both have two children. Paulina recently started dating someone.

Random Trivia: Paulina has a frankly ridiculous closet. She lists her grandma as her beauty icon.

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