The Ultimate Cast Guide To Mexican Dynasties, Bravo's Newest Off-The-Rails Reality Show

Read enough fantasy novels, and you'll know the first book of a series is devoted to introducing readers to a fictional region's powerful clans. In Game of Thrones, for example, the Starks lord over Winterfell; the Lannisters are constantly encroaching upon King's Landing.
With that in mind, the first episode of Bravo's new show Mexican Dynasties unfolds almost like a fantasy novel would — if said fantasy novel were actually a haywire reality TV show, that is. Mexican Dynasties, which premieres on Bravo on February 26, introduces us to three of Mexico City's wealthiest and most powerful families: the Allendes, the Madrazos, and the Bessudos. As in any fantasy novel, each clan has cordoned off a particular industry as its area of expertise. The Allendes have cornered the entertainment sector; the Madrazos, cars. The Bessudos founded a soda company called Jarritos.
But they all share an over-the-top sensibility. Whereas Netflix's show Made in Mexico focuses on the young elite of Mexico City, the castmembers of Mexican Dynasties skew older (the youngest cast member, Adan Allende, is 27), and thus have settled comfortably into their rambunctiousness. During priceless one-on-one interviews, the families' live-in domestic workers verbalize everything you might be thinking. Before embarking on Bravo's first foray into Mexico, here's what you need to know about the clans — and their very memorable members.

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