Amy Adams Brought Two More Amy Adams To The Academy Awards Red Carpet

This has been one heck of an awards season for Amy Adams. She received awards show love for her work in both film and TV, racking up nominations for playing haunted journalist Camille Preaker in HBO's Sharp Objects and Lynne Cheney in the movie Vice. At the Golden Globes earlier this year, she was nominated in both categories.
Essentially, Adams was already all over awards season. But at tonight's Academy Awards red carpet, the feeling of Adams' omnipresence was even more palpable. Adams brought along her mother, Kathryn, and two sisters, Julie and Anna, as part of her entourage. Watching Adams stand alongside her mother and sisters, many viewers thought they were seeing double.
Behold, Adams and her family cascading like a Russian nesting doll of genetics. During an interview with ABC, the four Adams women bantered with each other and were an ode to wholesome family affection.
There were even more Adams women off-camera. In an interview with ABC, Adams also said that her daughter with husband Darren LeGallo, Aviana Olea Le Gallo, was backstage.
Adams comes from a huge — and fascinating — family. In addition to her two sisters, Adams has four brothers. Adams' parents separated when she was 11; her father became a professional singer, and her mother became a professional bodybuilder. Some of their kids, like Amy and her brother Eddie, also went into show business.
Perhaps, each ensuing awards season, Adams will continue to bring more siblings until she has enough for an entourage. Considering how frequently Adams is nominated for Academy Awards, we'd meet the entire Adams clan eventually.
Hopefully, they'll be there to cheer her on when she eventually wins. It'll happen.

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