This Clip Of Ina Garten & Seth Meyers Getting Day Drunk Together Is Truly Delightful

Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images.
We did it. We found the purest thing on the internet, and surprisingly, it involves a lot of alcohol. How much alcohol exactly? Two Pimm's Cups, six Cosmopolitans, two Mai Tais, two whiskey sours, four beers, and four shots of tequila, give or take a few sips. Credit for this video clip remaining incredibly wholesome even with all the booze goes entirely to the two people drinking in it, Seth Meyers and Ina Garten.
The segment, which originally aired during last night's episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, is called "Seth and Ina Garten Go Day Drinking," and it is one of the most delightful things we've seen in a while. In the clip, Seth attempts to follow a few of Ina's own cocktail recipes, and in the process reveals that he had no idea how to separate an egg white from an egg yolk. Then, Ina challenges Seth once again by asking him to identify her homemade mustard horseradish dip, barbecue sauce, and gravy among versions of the sauces from various fast food chains. The Barefoot Contessa proves she's "not too good for Arby's," by trying the competing dips along with Seth.
The hilarious nine minute and 47 second video concludes with Seth presenting his day-drinking companion with his attempt at her famous Birthday Cake with Hot Pink Butter Icing. By the end of clip, it's hard to imagine two people we'd rather consumer upwards of eight drinks in the middle of the day with. See for it for yourself, below.

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