You're Not Seeing Things: Half Of The Russian Doll Cast Is From OITNB

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
When you create your own television show, you want to surround yourself with only the best people you know to help make it happen. That usually means you’re going to hit up your friends and loved ones to make TV magic. Also, bonus points if your friend is Amy Poehler and she’s coming along to help produce your show and actually bring it to life on Netflix. Enter, the cast of Russian Doll.
Though Natasha Lyonne is not a new name in the television space, she’s venturing out of Litchfield with her own TV show, Russian Doll, which she created and now stars in. The story follows Lyonne’s Nadia as she dies again and again in her 36th birthday for reasons she’s got to figure out. While this might be a brand new Netflix original, it’s full of familiar faces, many of which make Russian Doll feel like one big Orange is the New Black reunion. It’s clear that Lyonne wanted the best around her, and she managed to get just that.
But, the series doesn’t just feature other inmates from Orange is the New Black. If you’re wondering where you’ve seen many of the other people in Nadia’s life, read on as we’ve got a who’s who of the cast. But, sadly, don’t get your hopes up – Poehler doesn’t show up in Season 1. Cross your fingers for that to be a big Russian Doll Season 2 cameo.

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