What Happens Between Elyse & Colton On The Bachelor May Not Be As Dramatic As It Looks

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Up until now, most of The Bachelor drama has been centered on Demi, Caelynn, and Hannah B. But the promo for the Feb. 4 episode hints that something happened between Elyse and Colton on The Bachelor that could change everything.
Or, at least, that's what the producers want you to think. The clip showed Colton cuddling with an unknown contestant in his bed while he joked that he doesn't usually let women into his bed on a first date. Then the promo cut to a sobbing Elyse saying she made a mistake. But let's stop any sex speculation right here. I'd wager everything I own that nothing of a sexual nature happened between Colton and Elyse, mostly because Bachelor promos are notorious for hyping dramatic scenarios that often never play out (and also because Colton has been pretty dang clear about how he feels about that idea).
Also, there have been numerous occasions where drama from Bachelor previews was never delivered in an actual episode. There was that one time a pregnancy test was shown in the trash can on Chris Soules' season — but it never came up on the show. And then there were the promos for Ben Higgins' season that showed Leah with a black eye — which was cast as if it was supposedly from a fight — but no such argument ever happened on the show. And who can forget when Bachelor in Paradise tried to make it look, in promos, like Ashley I. was going to have a pregnancy scare?
But misleading promos aren't the only reason fans should be cautious about speculating about why Elyse was crying. It's very likely she wasn't even the person in the bed cuddling with Colton. He said he doesn't usually do that on a first date and, yet, he and Elyse have already been on a date. (They played at an amusement park with a bunch of kids and it was adorable.)
So, whoever was under those covers with Colton — it probably wasn't Elyse. It could have been Demi, who's known for playing jokes of a sexual nature on Colton, or one of the women Colton has a date with during the episode — like Heather for instance. But whoever it was, don't assume they had sex either. Colton has been up front about his virginity, and it's highly unlikely that what the show is teasing is him taking that step just yet.
However, there's no denying that Elyse is crying in the preview, but there are so many reasons that could be happening. Elyse also says, in the clip, that she made a mistake, so it's unlikely that the cause is something someone did to her. Perhaps Demi focused her sights on Elyse now that Courtney and Tracy are gone — Demi picked on Tracy for her age before, and Elyse is also 31 — and regrets how she handled it. Maybe she realized this show wasn't right for her and she wants to go home. Maybe she told Colton something she wished she hadn't brought up on national television. The only actual way to find out is to watch the next episode — just remember that the promos are only good for stirring up drama, and that the conclusions they paint are often a little askew.

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