What Bachelor Contestant Tayshia Did Right Before, And Right After Colton's Season Wrapped

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Just like that, Bachelor Nation, we have already reached the international travel portion of Colton’s Bachelor season. That's because Colton and his contestants are starting that journey a bit earlier than the group has in past seasons, but ready or not, they are headed to Singapore in episode 4. Based on the teaser clips for this episode, we will learn a lot more about Bachelor contestant Tayshia Adams, a woman who has had limited screen time with Colton but still shows some obvious chemistry with the bachelor. Tayshia’s Instagram (since we're digging, why not take a look at her social media persona?) tells us even more about the contestant who's yet to really shine in an episode. Of course, it should be no wonder that she stands out when the show goes on the road: Tayshia travels constantly, including right before started filming Colton's season — and right after it finished.
Disappointingly, Tayshia hasn’t played a big role in Colton’s journey to find love so far, but a little sleuthing shows that could all change very soon. She had a cute, short interaction with the Bachelor on night one when she admitted to knowing very little about him. The producers might be holding some of her story back, though, because her Instagram reveals that she kissed the leading man on the first night, despite the moment not being shown on television. In episode 3, fans did get to see some banter between the two, with Tayshia sharing her desire to find a “strong man.” She should’ve also listed “a man who loves traveling” as a must though, because Tayshia spent the last few months of 2018 taking trips to enviable vacation spots around the world.
Besides being a 28-year-old phlebotomist from Corona Del Mar, California, Tayshia also recently journey to Africa for a "mission trip," according to her Bachelor biography. But beyond her ABC-sanctioned bio, Tayshia's life seems to be all about exploring new places. Last August, she traveled to the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai, where she snapped this enviable pic:
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Later that month, she traveled back to her home state to visit Palm Springs, California. She simply captioned the picture “POP,” but I like to think it was inspired by Princess Diaries and its iconic foot-popping kiss.
But here's where things get interesting: Just before filming began for The Bachelor, Tayshia turned 28 and celebrated her birthday in The Bahamas. She basically teased being cast on Colton’s season. For her caption she wrote, “Started this year off in The Bahamas and I have a pretty good feelin that’s just the beginning of some amazing travels ahead.” Hmm, perhaps she meant some amazing travels to Singapore? All expenses paid? With cameras all around?
She also squeezed in a trip to Paris at the end of 2018 and struck a classic pose in front of the Arc de Triomphe. The timing, however, is curious, since the trip happened in mid-December, not long after Colton's season wrapped. Her caption reads, “Paris or Paradise? It’s easy to mix them up!” Sure, the caption doesn't exactly have any blatant clues about Colton, but wouldn't Paris be even more like paradise if she was there with the person she ends up with? (Of course, it's also a great place to distract from a recent breakup, and any Bachelor contestant dropping the p-word evokes visions of a certain singles beach in Mexico.)
Whatever happens as Tayshia's journey continues, here's hoping the show gives us more. In between traveling (her recent Instagram stories showed a trip to New York City), Tayshia also seems to have a lot of personality that Bachelor producers have yet to showcase. Fingers crossed that our girl gets a better cut as the episodes go on; after all, it’s time to focus less on the pageant drama and more on actually getting to know the women that we (and Colton, I suppose) are supposed to be falling in love with.

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