Bibiana Julian Isn't "Bitter," Just Really Irked At Peter Kraus

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images.
Bibiana Julian was just as confused about those Peter Kraus dating rumors as you were — but for a totally different reason. In response to a Chicago Tribune interview with former Bachelorette contestant Kraus, the Bachelor In Paradise star tweeted her side of the story.
After Kraus and Julian were spotted at a basketball game in December, rumors started swirling that they were the next Bachelor Nation couple to follow on Instagram obsessively. However, Kraus was quick to extinguish those flames.
“That’s funny because that wasn’t even a date,” Kraus told the outlet. “So I know Bibiana from a charity event we did together and told her I was coming down to Miami. I was like, 'Hey, I got basketball tickets, you want to go?' So it’s weird. I don’t really go out on public dates anymore for that reason."
Julian begs to differ.
"'charity event' - you mean staying at my place for 4 days during the busiest week in Miami and leaving without saying good bye or thank you?" she tweeted in response to Us Weekly's take on the interview. "To be clear, I’m not bitter just irks me when you go out of your way to be nice to someone and they just take advantage!"
Shortly before tweeting the article, Julian posted a vague message that appears to be about the misunderstanding.
"why operate on a moral code and respect peoples wishes when they’re going to downright lie," she said.
Peter Kraus and Bibiana Julian...go on Paradise!

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