Seduced By Evil Is The True Story Even Crazier Than Dirty John

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
If you are still shaken from the crazy ending of Dirty John, then take a breath, relax, and get ready to jump into another true con story.
Upcoming Oxygen documentary Seduced By Evil is cut from the same cloth as the podcast-turned-Bravo series Dirty John, in that it, too, is about a grifter who manipulates unsuspecting women for his own personal and financial gain.
While Dirty John's titular con man John Meehan (Eric Bana) targeted one woman at a time, Seduced By Evil's villain, Derek Alldred, managed to have relationships with multiple women in order to drain their savings and support his life of lies. He moved from state to state, evading the law, and picking up new aliases (and girlfriends) along the way.
Though many of the people Alldred targeted truly believed that he was "The One" — and that they were the only ones Alldred had eyes for — the fact that Alldred manipulated so many women ultimately led to his downfall. The women who learned of Alldred's betrayal became diligent detectives, and worked together to take down the con man for good.
Not that it was easy, of course — a cornered con artist can be a very dangerous thing. Just look at, well, the twisted conclusion of Dirty John.
Women helping women stop their awful ex-boyfriend? That's a story worth watching.
Check out the trailer premiere for the new documentary below.
Tune in to Seduced By Evil on Oxygen February 9th at 8 p.m.

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