Know Your Schitt! A Guide To The Cast & Characters Of Schitt's Creek

Ian Watson, courtesy of CBC
Schitt’s Creek is five seasons in (the upcoming sixth will be its final) so you may already be well-acquainted with the fish-out-of-water tale of a bankrupt clan from the big city banished to a rural town with an expletive-adjacent name they originally purchased as a joke. You may already know that Eugene Levy and his son, showrunner Dan Levy, co-created Schitt’s Creek together, making it an on-and-off screen family affair.
You’ve probably seen the Twitter campaigns to give the show all the awards, and this morning, you probably noticed that those campaigns paid off. The show was nominated for four Emmy awards: Catherine O'Hara and Eugene Levy for Outstanding Comedy Actress and Actor respectively, and show nods for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Contemporary Costumes. If you are watching Schitt’s Creek, you know its popularity and critical acclaim is due to its sidesplitting cast of lovable misfits and the actors who portray them.
If you’re not watching, you might be a murky on which characters are up Schitt’s Creek without a paddle and how they’ve this little Canadian show into an international hit. For the newbie fans and the die-hard stans who just need a refresher, here are all the names and faces you need to know to keep your Schitt straight.

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