Know Your Schitt! A Guide To The Cast & Characters Of Schitt's Creek

Ian Watson, courtesy of CBC
Schitt’s Creek has kicked off its fifth season so you may already be well-acquainted with the fish-out-of-water tale of a bankrupt clan from the big city banished to a rural town with an expletive-adjacent name they originally purchased as a joke. You may already know that Eugene Levy and his son, showrunner Dan Levy, co-created Schitt’s Creek together, making it an on-and-off screen family affair. You’ve probably seen the Twitter campaigns to give the show all the awards. If you are watching Schitt’s Creek, you know its popularity is due to its sidesplitting cast of lovable misfits and the actors who portray them.
If you’re not watching, you might be a murky on which characters are up Schitt’s Creek without a paddle and how they’ve this little Canadian show into an international hit. For the newbie fans and the die-hard stans who just need a refresher, here are all the names and faces you need to know to keep your Schitt straight.
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Photo by Ian Watson, courtesy of CBC.
Moira Rose

Played By: Catherine O’Hara, prolific actress and comedian known best for Home Alone, Beetlejuice, Six Feet Under, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the Christopher Guest classics she co-starred in with Eugene Levy like Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show.

Who’s Moira? Ex-soap star. Wig aficionado. Matriarch. That was in order of importance. Moira Rose is the sometimes-delusional Real Housewife of Schitt’s Creek who would rather be lighting up the silver screen than slumming it at a rundown motel. She’s clinging to her last vestiges of fame while being forced to participate in town activities like directing community theatre and joining the town council. I would say that she’s a loving and supportive mother/wife but that I think that depends on the day and which wig she has on.

Why She’s The Schitt: The wigs! Aside from the fact that O’Hara deserves an Emmy for the masterclass in comedy she delivers every episode (the indistinguishable accent alone makes her worthy of all the things), Moira Rose’s best attribute is her A+ fashion game and her unmatched love of hair pieces — she’s got a literal wall of wigs that steals every scene it’s the backdrop to.
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Photo by Steve Wilkie, courtesy of CBC.
Johnny Rose

Played By: Eugene Levy, comedy legend and SCTV staple you know from the American Pie franchise, the aforementioned Catherine O’Hara films he starred in and co-wrote, and for, well, the eyebrows of course.

Who’s Johnny? Johnny Rose used to be the CEO of Rose Video but he was swindled out of his fortune by a crappy business manager and, you know, CEO of a video rental chain isn’t exactly a transferrable skill in 2019. Johnny’s now in business with Stevie (more on her later) at the motel. Hell-bent on building back a business empire, Johnny is juggling his renewed sense of career purpose, loving his wife Moira deeply and being maybe a little too overprotective of his kids.

Why He’s The Schitt: Johnny’s usually the straight man that every other more over-the-top character plays off but his subtly is his strength. With one slight raise of his trademark eyebrows, Eugene Levy can crack you up.
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Photo by Ian Watson, courtesy of CBC.
David Rose

Played By: Daniel Levy, writer, actor, and former MTV host you may remember from The Hills After Show.

Who’s David? David is Moira and Johnny’s only son and like his parents, he’s been trying to find ways to get out of the town since the day his designer sneakers hit Schitt’s soil. But after taking on his very own business venture, a store called Rose Apothecary, and finding love for the first time with his boyfriend Patrick, David may like Schitt’s Creek more than he’d ever admit out loud.

Why He’s The Schitt: David is pansexual, but that’s not why he’s so great. He’s great because his pansexuality is just another facet of his multilayered, hilarious character and not his only trait. Schitt’s Creek has been hailed for being an accepting and progressive show at a time when the LGBTQ+ community need it most. That’s why David is The Schitt. Also, his clothes. God, his clothes are so good.
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Photo by Steve Wilkie, courtesy of CBC.
Alexis Rose

Played By: Annie Murphy. She’s starred in Canadian TV shows Rookie Blue and The Plateaus.

Who’s Alexis? If you pegged Alexis as the spoiled socialite who could make Paris Hilton look like someone you’d rather hang out with in Season 1, you might’ve been shocked last season when Alexis matured into a self-sufficient businesswoman and an actual cool, relatable person. She’s got her goals in order and her personal life in check now that she’s back together with Ted. Let’s see if she can keep this New Alexis energy going.

Why She’s The Schitt: Two words: “Ew, David.” Her catchphrase could be the show’s tagline. These two words, delivered in Murphy’s signature drawl, have become synonymous with the character and an effective way for her to express almost every emotion in Alexis and David’s complicated sibling dynamic. There’s an “ew, David” for everything.
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Photo by Steve Wilkie, courtesy of CBC.
Roland Schitt

Played By: Chris Elliott, actor, writer, comedian. You’ve seen him in There’s Something About Mary, Groundhog Day, and How I Met Your Mother.

Who’s Roland? The mayor of Schitt’s Creek and the thorn in the Roses’ sides. Armed with a mullet and a beer belly, Roland embodies everything the Rose family isn’t. When he’s not provoking Moira at town council meetings, he’s annoying Johnny at his side hustle at the motel. Say what you will about Roland’s intelligence, but you can’t deny that he’s a family man with a heart of gold.

Why He’s The Schitt: Every show needs a goofy sidekick and Roland is nailing it as Schitt Creek’s. His uniform of trucker hat plus plaid shirt won’t win him any style points in Schitt’s Creek but his quick one-liners almost make up for his lack of everything else.
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Photo by Ian Watson, courtesy of CBC.
Jocelyn Schitt

Played By: Jennifer Robertson, Canadian actress from Degrassi: The Next Generation, Little Mosque on the Prairie, and the TV movie Twitches starring Tia and Tamara Mowry.

Who’s Jocelyn? She’s a high-school teacher, founding member of the a capella group, The Jazzagals, and she’s the brave woman who puts up with Roland Schitt. Jocelyn and Roland’s marriage has been rocky over the seasons, but they just welcomed a baby boy named Roland Moira Schitt.

Why She’s The Schitt: “The Jocelyn.” It’s Schitt’s Creek’s version of “The Rachel.” Jocelyn’s hairstyle is as integral to her as an elaborate wig is to Moira. It’s also given us some comedy gold like that time when Moira went to the salon and came back with “The Jocelyn.”
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Photo by Ian Watson, courtesy of CBC.
Stevie Budd

Played By: Emily Hampshire. She’s known best for her roles in !2 Monkeys, Rookie Blue, and the R-rated comedy My Awkward Sexual Adventure. She’s also engaged to singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger.

Who’s Stevie? She runs the Rosebud motel with her business partner, Johnny Rose. Stevie is best friends with David (her former hookup buddy), but otherwise, she doesn’t like people all that much. Stevie’s come to a crossroads professionally and personally and in Season 5, she may turn to an unlikely ally for help: Moira.

Why She’s The Schitt: Her dry, deadpan delivery. Stevie can drop a sarcastic quip like no one else in Schitt’s Creek.
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Photo by Ian Watson, courtesy of CBC.
Twyla Sands

Played By: Sarah Levy. Yes, there is a relation. She’s Eugene’s daughter and Dan’s sister. She’s been in Larry Crowne and Cheaper By The Dozen 2.

Who’s Twyla? Twyla seems to be Schitt’s Creek’s only waitress. Give this girl a raise. She’s holding it down at Café Tropical ready to listen to the problems of her patrons.

Why She’s The Schitt: Twyla’s smoothies are one-of-a-kind (you’ll have to ask Alexis’s stomach if that’s a good or bad thing). She makes them herself and gives them names like the “Greens-Free Salad," the "Surprise-Me-Smoothie," and the "Meadow-Harvest Smoothie.” They may not taste great but these smoothies really up the Instagram cred of the café. Twyla is one ashwagandha-root drink away from being the town’s very own Gwyneth Paltrow.
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Photo by Steve Wilkie, courtesy of CBC.
Patrick Brewer

Played By: Noah Reid. He’s an actor from Toronto who has appeared in various Canadian productions.

Who’s Patrick? What kind of question is that? Patrick is just the sweetest, kindest, most patient and swoon-inducing boyfriend David has ever had. THAT’S WHO. Patrick is also David’s business partner at Rose Apothecary.

Why He’s The Schitt: He’s simply the best. Noah Reid went viral for his performance of “Simply the Best” from the episode "Open Mic Night" when Patrick serenades David. The episode was on every Best of 2018 list that mattered and skyrocketed David and Patrick’s love story into a global obsession.
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Ted Mullins

Played By: Dustin Milligan. He’s best known for playing Ethan on 90210 (the late 2000s version).

Who’s Ted? Ted is the town veterinarian who was smitten with Alexis since the moment she breezed into Schitt’s Creek. Bless his heart. It took her heart awhile to catch up to his, but it looks like Alexis and Ted are finally getting their shit together and it might just stick.

Why He’s The Schitt: Google “Dustin Milligan Shirtless.”
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Photo by Ian Watson, courtesy of CBC.
Ronnie Lee

Played By: Karen Robinson. You might know her from Narc or Lars and the Real Girl.

Who’s Ronnie? She’s on the town council with Moira but isn’t the biggest fan of the Roses. She spends most of her screen time looking exasperated at the antics of the Rose family or Roland.

Why She’s The Schitt: As Schitt’s Creek’s sole black person, Ronnie stays ready to call everyone out on their foolery. Her side-eye is epic. Anyone who can put Moira Rose in her place deserves a shout out.

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