Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Manicure Secret Is $8 At The Drugstore

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There is currently a government shutdown happening — we're on day 24 to be exact — but the House and Senate members are still reporting to work because, well, who else is going to figure this whole thing out? And as our senators and representatives make their way back to Washington after a weekend off, many had to deal with something we can all relate to: a horrible commute.
Thanks to a snowstorm that hit Washington, D.C., there were major flight and train delays that left Congress members scrambling for transportation. But leave it to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to make a "travel drama day" entertaining. After spending hours at the airport in New York City — that included cancellations and three re-bookings — the congresswoman settled on taking an Amtrak train to D.C. Once she got settled in for her 1 a.m. ride, Ocasio-Cortez started a self-care session that included a cup of white wine and a DIY manicure.
"Today was so nuts I am having a glass of wine and giving myself a press-on manicure," the 29-year-old politician wrote on Instagram Stories, proceeding to defend press-on manicures. "They are not corny anymore!" It's been a while since we did the whole press-on thing (flashback to the early 2000s), but they are quick, inexpensive, and protect nails against major damage.
AOC also gave her followers a quick review and tutorial on her favorite drugstore press-on set. "Listen ya'll, because I'm about to put you on. I wish someone told me about these sooner," raved Ocasio-Cortez. "I usually go with plain nails, but when I want a little pick me up or if an event is coming, I'll grab these at the drugstore. They last a for week."
The congresswoman completed her beauty vlogging moment with a few tips and tricks, of course. She says the key to getting the press-ons to look natural is waiting until the glue is set before filing the nail to your "natural/desired shape." AOC also suggests carrying little nail glue and spare nails in your bag, just in case one breaks or comes off.
Ocasio-Cortez used an under-$10 set from imPRESS that comes with extra nails and six sparkly accents. Although she opted out of the glitter, it wouldn't shock us if she decided to make a manicure statement on the job. In general, the new congressional class isn't afraid to have fun with their beauty looks, including Cortez-Ocasio's signature red lip and Rep. Ilhan Omar's long jet-black nails.
So, if you're ever in a rush and need a quick (and affordable) manicure fix, take notes from Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, who's making a case for press-on nails — and making us wonder why she doesn't have a beauty channel on YouTube. It's safe to say after her glowing endorsement, AOC has got us voting "yes" to press-on nails for 2020 2019.

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