These Pictures Are Proof The After Parties Are The Best Part Of The Golden Globes

Photo by Donato Sardella/Getty Images for InStyle
There's a thrill that comes from seeing your favorite celebrities hanging out together, enjoying themselves with a candid and undeniable ease.
The afterparties of the Golden Globes are full of such jovial moments: Celebrities inadvertently staging mash-ups of your favorite TV shows, celebrities letting on who their real friends are. The afterparties' atmosphere is helped by the Globes themselves, which are known for their party atmosphere to begin with. It's estimated 750,000 glasses of free Champagne are passed out over the course of the evening.
We know we're just onlookers, destined to interact with celebrities only through movies and social media posts. But at moments like this — the Golden Globes, when everyone's hanging out all at once — we see how nice it can be to even be a fan. Here are the best moments from the Golden Globes' many afterparties.

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