Forget Riverdale, Sabrina & Stranger Things Is The Crossover We Need

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
(Warning: Spoilers for Stranger Things and Mowgli ahead.)
On Tuesday, it was revealed that our prays to the Dark Lord worked: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will receive a third season on Netflix in 2019. One person that we (pretty please) hope gets brought into the fold? Stranger Things' long-deceased Barb (Shannon Purser), who could very well be kicking it with Mowgli's tragically murdered Bhoot right this very moment.
Wishful thinking? Maybe. But blame Netflix for putting the thought in our heads.
On Sunday, the streaming platform's official US Twitter account wrote:
"there is a beautiful alternate reality somewhere in which Barb is a witch and Bhoot is her familiar and they are living the life they deserve."
For the uninitiated, Barb was killed by the Demogorgon during season 1 of Stranger Things, and received slim to no justice. Bhoot may be the only character who received as terrible treatment on Netflix: The albino cub was killed by a hunter for no good reason at all.
The deaths of these characters would mean a lot less on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, as it's possible to communicate with the deceased and even bring them back. (Someone go collect the bodies and bury them in Zelda's dirt patch.)
And if Barb had witchy powers of her own? Well, let's just say that is the spin-off we all deserve. Though if Riverdale and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina did ever crossover with Barb in tow — someone will have a lot of explaining to do to Purser's Ethel.

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