Troye Sivan's Boy Erased Song Was Just Nominated For A Globe & He's Losing It

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Troye Sivan has done much more than get pushed against lockers this year. The 23-year-old singer recently toured for Bloom, his second studio album, and just picked up a Golden Globes nomination for Best Original Song.
Sivan could barely contain his excitement at the nomination, sending out a series of tweets in all caps. “Promise I’ll say something eloquent and sweet about it soon but for now what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the singer tweeted.
The song was part of Sivan’s work in Boy Erased, a film based on a memoir. It tells the story of the son of a Baptist preacher who is sent to conversion therapy. Aside from Sivan’s nomination, the film’s star, Lucas Hedges, was nominated for Best Actor.
The song, “Revelation,” was a collaboration with Jónsi of Sugar Ros, who wrote the piano melody. The singer apparently wrote several other songs for the movie, but this one made the final cut. "Revelation" plays at a tender moment during the film, when the main character is holding hands with a boy. Sivan also played the role of Gary, who advises the main character on how to make it through the brutal conversion therapy.
The heavy themes of the film resonated with him, Sivan told The Hollywood Reporter. One of his own big fears before coming out was that he wouldn’t be accepted by his family. He added that "many people are not as lucky as I've been in regard to family and friends being supportive, so any opportunity I can get to help change that, I'll jump at it."
Even before the Globes nominations, the singer said Boy Erased was having the impact he had hoped for. "We're hearing people's stories and hearing people sharing their past with conversion therapy or if they're in a tough spot with their family. The movie is serving a purpose in real life," he told THR.
Regarding his Golden Globes nomination, Sivan and collaborators said in a statement, "Writing ‘Revelation’ for Boy Erased was an incredible honor for all of us. The song echoes the film’s message that love is love, and that not only is there no way to change who you love, but there is no reason to change. We’re thrilled that the HFPA and Golden Globes heard that in our song and are humbled by this nomination.”
This story has been updated with additional reporting.

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