Your Big Guide To The Lil's Of 2019

Now that we’re well into December, you’re going to be reading a lot of pop culture guides and lists recapping the year we’ve had or preparing us for the year ahead. 2018 was full of unexpected peaks and valleys. Kanye West went peak Trump supporter on us. Lana Del Rey told Azealia Banks to “pull up” in the middle of a feud about politics. Cardi B did pull up on Nicki Minaj at a NYFW party. But in the middle of all the chaos, there were some things that never change.
That consistency comes in the form of stage names that come with the built-in title Lil. From Lil Kim and Lil Mama to Lil Bow Wow and Lil Zane, hip-hop has always honored the smallest/youngest among us. This year even offered up some Lil comedians. Collectively, these individuals have made comebacks, debuted TV shows, crossed over from jokes to songs, and played with gender expression. You’ll be hearing from them again as we head into the new year.
These are the Lil people in entertainment you need to be familiar with heading into 2019. Who knows, maybe I’ll be back in 2020 for the “Young/Yung” version of this list.

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