Who's Who In A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
‘Tis the season for every conceivable sequel possible, and even a few that you might not have expected. Enter A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, the saccharine holiday treat you didn’t know you needed. Netflix’s follow-up to its 2017 hit, A Christmas Prince, is a ‘90s rom-com for the 21st century, with makeovers, staunch feminist politics, a burgeoning young romance, and a few mentions of cryptocurrency all smashed into one 90-minute film.
The movie picks up where the original left off, with protagonist Amber Moore (Rose McIver) blogging about her impending nuptials to Prince Richard (Ben Lamb), now crowned King of Aldovia. Amber and her father, Rudy (John Guerrasio), travel to the small European country not-quite-incognito, and begin to realize that, duh, they’re not in Kansas anymore.
While Amber deals with the pressures of preparing to be Queen, she’s doubly tasked with acting as a sleuth/journalist to figure out why her husband-to-be’s policies are backfiring and putting Aldovia’s citizens out of work and into poverty. Much like in the original film, she manages to save the day while breaking a few expensive items in the palace, forging a friendship with Prince Richard’s little sister, Princess Emily (Honor Kneafsey), and showing the old-fashioned Aldovians what it means to be a modern American woman.
A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding will be the perfect Netflix movie for anyone suffering from withdrawal after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s nuptials. And beyond that, it’s a heartwarming story of being true to yourself, even if being true to yourself involves initially not being yourself, being forced to be someone else, but then finally being yourself, all in the span of two Christmas-themed films. Read on to learn more about Aldovia’s most prominent citizens, plus a few New Yorkers just for kicks.

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