Amanda Knox Is Engaged — & The Proposal Was Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

Photo: Lou Rocco/ABC/Getty Images.
Best-selling author, documentary subject, and TV host Amanda Knox has announced her engagement to her boyfriend of three years, novelist Christopher Robinson — and we know she’ll never forget the way it went down. That’s because Robinson planned this proposal, which includes dry ice, special effects noises, and a light show. And yes, there is video. Nerdy partners, take note!
As the video begins, Knox is sewing a cloak, which is being constructed out of silver lamé. “What is that?” asks Robinson, while he plays a noise that sounds like a meteorite crashing into the ground. Knox is unable to tell where the sound is coming from, and she looks completely dumbfounded. Robinson goes outside to the patio. Knox follows him, noting that this entire situation is “scary as fuck.” We agree, and we weren’t even there.
Robinson throws open the door to the patio, revealing a blacklight “crash site” he had constructed outside. Knox now understands that Robinson is up to something, but she can’t figure out what it is; she keeps asking him, “What the fuck did you do?” and “Where did this light come from?” through adorable giggles. She walks towards a giant rock in the ground, covered in fake smoke from the dry ice, when Robinson pops the question — and even that has a special twist. The question comes in form of a tablet on top of the “meteorite,” with a long speech that reads like the Star Wars title crawl. Oh, and their cat, Mr. Screams, appears alongside the couple to watch the spectacle unfold.
Finally, Robinson says it: “Will you stay with me until the last star in the last galaxy burns out? And even after that? Amanda Marie Knox, will you marry me?” Our hearts are bursting when she says, “Yes I will!” and the two kiss as they set sail for the galaxy of L-U-V.
Watch the video below, and feel free to subtly point out Robinson’s level of detail to your own co-pilot.

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