We Would NOT Have Said Yes To This Cruel & Terrifying Marriage Proposal

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Important PSA for anyone who's trying to think up a creative way to propose to their partner: Do not do it by making them think they're about to die.
We kind of thought this was self-explanatory — and yet, we just came across the story of Anthony Bordignon, an amateur pilot who proposed to his girlfriend Katherine Wareham by faking that they were about to get into a plane crash. The fact that Wareham is a nervous flyer makes the whole thing even worse, not that it's ever okay.
According to Travel + Leisure, Bordignon took Wareham for a short flight in his two-person plane. Right after they took off, he pretended that there was an engine failure and that they might have to execute a crash landing. He filmed his new fiancée's horrified reactions on his GoPro.
"I'm not getting any response on the controls here," Bordignon told her. And then he asked her to read his "crash checklist." How would you feel in that moment? Completely freaked out? Like you might only have seconds, maybe minutes to live? That is not how a loving partner should ever make the person they want to marry feel. It's not worth the adrenaline rush — or the engagement ring.
Wareham realized it was a prank when she read: "Verify flight ring is engaged. Initiate ring engagement process." She started crying and screaming, "I hate you!" We would have done the same, except meant it.
Then, he presented her with the engagement ring in a red box. "Will the pilot in command love the passenger forever? Check. Will you marry the pilot in command?" she read from the list.
She said yes. The video has been viewed over 2 million times. And no, no amount of viral stardom is worth it either. This is just cruel.

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