A Breaking Bad Movie Could Head To Netflix

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Update: According to a report from Deadline, the upcoming Breaking Bad film may head to Netflix first, and then to the original TV show's network home AMC.
Refinery29 has reached out to Netflix for comment.
Update: Bryan Cranston is so down for a Breaking Bad movie. In fact, he confirmed some of the rumors himself in an interview with Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show, EW reports.
Even though he hasn't personally read a script or anything yet, Cranston says he would follow "genius" Vince Gilligan wherever he leads. Of course (spoiler) Walt Whitman being alive in any type of sequel wouldn't work, but if there is some sort of flashback or flash forward, then he's ready. "...I’m excited about it because it’s Breaking Bad, and it was the greatest professional period of my life, and I can’t wait to see all those people again, even if I just come by to visit.”
Original story follows.
Wow, who would ever think we'd be blessed with a Shrek reboot and a Breaking Bad reboot in the same week? Technically, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Breaking Bad will be coming back as a two-hour movie, but the sentiment is the same: It was never really goodbye.
Sources told the outlet that original creator Vince Gilligan is hard at work on a project that could be either a made-for-TV movie or released theatrically, but details are extremely sparse. One title that's getting thrown around is Greenbrier, but THR cautions that could be fake or at the very least not final. As for the plot, it will apparently tell the story of a man who escapes kidnapping and searches for freedom, but that's as much detail as we get.
If you're wondering if you'll be seeing Bryan Cranston or Aaron Paul back on your screens, that's also not ironed out. Sources aren't even sure if the project takes place after the events of the series or if, like Better Call Saul, it's another prequel-type story.
We do know, however, that it will be good, since Gilligan will be writing the script, executive producing, and possibly directing. Plus, Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein, executive producers of Better Call Saul, are also reportedly on board.
New details will likely be on their way soon, since production begins this month in New Mexico, so if anyone has eyes on Paul or Cranston, let me know.

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