The Breaking Bad Finale Could’ve Gone Something Like This…

Ah, yes, the Breaking Bad finale, a finale to end all finales. Vince Gilligan expertly hammered the final nail into Walter White's coffin this September, leaving fans relieved and a little bit sad, but ultimately fulfilled. We don't want to spoil anything for you (cheers to avoiding all things BrBa related over the past couple of months), but things could have turned out quite differently for Mr. White and co.
Many took to the World Wide Web before the final episode to speculate and troll the various theories of White's fate. Some presumed he'd die; other's wanted him to take the money and run, and some just wanted to watch the world burn. Okay, we're kidding with the last one. No one, however, predicted (or, maybe they did, but it was too preposterous to believe) that it would end with White waking up from a dream. (Man, what a slap in the face that would've been.)
Well, Bryan Cranston and the rest of BrBa decided to indulge in a little gratuitous fun for the extras included in the full-series box set coming out November 26th. In this version, he wakes up as his Malcolm in the Middle character, Hal. MITM's Jane Kaczmarek gets startled awake and into Hal's retelling of the Breaking Bad nightmare. Gosh, and all this because Hal wanted to grow a beard. Sheesh!
UPDATE 6:25 PM: The original video has since been removed from YouTube, but can still be viewed here. Enjoy.

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