Everyone Who Died On Season 6 Of House Of Cards — & Why

At the core of the final season of House of Cards is a death. An unsolved death, rotting away the fringes of characters' morality, haunting the executive branch's processes. When the season opens, we know Francis J. Underwood (Kevin Spacey), the ruthless politician whose ascent to power we'd followed for the past five seasons, died under mysterious circumstances. Obviously we know why Frank is no longer on House of Cardslast October, Spacey was accused of sexual assault (Spacey denies the allegations.), leading to his essential banishment from Hollywood. Until the final episode of season 6, the actual specifics of his character's death remain obscure.
What's for certain: Frank Underwood did not die a natural death — and neither did the other four characters who departed on season 6 of House of Cards. In her effort to hold onto power, Claire Hale Underwood (Robin Wright) plows down any obstacle to her legitimacy. In four instances, these obstacles are people.
Here are the poor unfortunate souls who joined House Of Cards's extensive body count over its six seasons.

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