Ben & Jerry's Newest Political Ice Cream Flavor Arrives Just In Time For Midterms

Ben & Jerry's has never been one of those companies that tries to hide their political leanings. That — plus their deliciously creative ice cream — is why we love the Vermont-based creamery. While past limited-edition flavors have included "Bernie's Yearning" (in support of Bernie Sanders) and "Yes, Pecan!" (in honor of Barack Obama), their latest may just be the most overtly political of the bunch. It's called "Pecan Resist" — "pecan" stands in for "we can" once again — and it was, according to a press release, "created with the intention to resist the current administration’s regressive agenda."
That's right, anti-Trump ice cream is officially a thing. To be honest, we're shocked it took this long to happen. The flavor, which is available today online and in scoop shops (no word if or when it will be available elsewhere), has chocolate ice cream with white and dark fudge chunks, plus pecans, walnuts and fudge-covered almonds. As part of the campaign, the company has pledged to donate $25,000 each to the non-profits Color Of Change, Neta, Women's March, and Honor The Earth. You can find out more about each of those organizations on Ben & Jerry's website.
The colorful artwork featured on the pint was created by a Bay Area-based artist and activist named Favianna Rodriguez, whose work centers on issues of immigration, economic inequality, gender justice, and climate change.
"As an artist, I know well the power of culture and I recognize when a business is using its platform to push for love, justice and a green planet,” Rodriguez said in a press statement. “Let’s declare our resistance, march in the streets, and elect a new generation of change makers.”
Accompanying text on the side of the pint reads: "Welcome to the resistance. Together, Pecan Resist! We honor & stand with women, immigrants, people of color, & the millions of activists and allies who are courageously resisting the President’s attack on our values, humanity & environment. We celebrate the diversity of our glorious nation & raise our spoons in solidarity for all Americans. Take a stand & join those on the front lines at”
As scary as it is to say, we're not sure how things will go on November 6. But whether in happiness or sadness, we're planning on ending the day with a pint of Pecan Resist. These days, we prefer even our ice cream to be as woke as possible.

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