Bernie Sanders Now Has His Own Ice Cream Flavor

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Bernie Sanders is getting an ice cream from an icon in the field. Ben Cohen, one half of Ben & Jerry’s, masterminded “Bernie’s Yearning,” which could double as the title for a really distressing erotic novel. Ben & Jerry’s, the company, is not in any way affiliated with the ice cream. The pint comes in two parts. “The entire top of this pint is covered in a thick disc of solid chocolate. Underneath is plain mint ice cream.” That sounds… really bad. Or at least boring. But there’s symbolism behind it. “The chocolate disc represents the huge majority of economic gains that gone to the top 1 percent since the end of the recession,” the pint packaging says. "Beneath it, the rest of us.” You’re supposed to break the disc with a spoon, mix it up with the mint, and share the result with “your fellow Americans." Lots of issues here. First of all, ice cream does not need additional steps. Ice cream is great as a one-step process. Second, pints are not made for sharing. Third, Bernie’s Yearning is really a gross name for anything. Oh, and you won’t be eating it any time soon. Cohen donated 25 pints to Bernie’s campaign and is raffling off 15 more. Let’s do a little math. That totals 40 pints. The United States population is roughly 318.9 million. 40 divided by 318,900,000 is 0.000000125%. Sounds pretty elitist to us. Pretty much the opposite of the values Bernie Sanders claims to represent. When will Bernie Sanders stand up to the elitist demands of big ice cream? America needs to know.

Nothing is so unstoppable as a flavor whose time has finally come #FeelTheBern #BerniesYearning:

Posted by Yo Ben Cohen on Monday, January 25, 2016

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