Sarah Drew Says "Never Say Never" About Potential Grey’s Anatomy Return

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Sarah Drew, who once played the perky April Kepner on Grey's Anatomy, implied in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight that April may just return to the show.
"I'll never say never because they are my family," she said, being diplomatic. "I still love everyone over there. I love that community and I still have such an incredible space in my heart for everyone over there."
This is interesting timing, given that her character's counterpart, Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) appears to have mysteriously left the show.
Drew herself left the show earlier this year after nine years of playing Kepner, much to the dismay of fans. Together, Jackson and April created the beloved couple Japril, and she'd done more than 200 episodes of the show. Plus, as she told THR in a post-exist interview, she had just started shadowing Grey's director Kevin McKidd, hoping to one day take on an episode on her own. Suffice to say, Drew's departure took everyone, including Drew, by surprise.
"I'm a believer in things happening for a reason and finding beauty in the midst of grief. I don't regret or begrudge anybody this season of my life," Drew told THR.
With all that in mind, what's the likelihood that Drew would return to the series? When asked by THR if she would return as a director (she recently received an Emmy nomination for directing an ep of the web series Grey's Anatomy: B-Team), Drew gave a plain: "Maybe." Then, later in the interview, when asked if she would come back as a guest star, Drew also said maybe. And now, Drew tells ET that she'll "never say never." Thus, the door has been left open, and Drew might just return to Grey's Anatomy. The show recently reintroduced Kim Raver (who plays Dr. Teddy Altman) on the show, so, these things do happen. Seeing as she never got the change to direct a Grey's episode, Drew could also come back to be on the other side of the camera.
Following her Grey's departure, which Drew said was a result of overcrowding in the series regular department, she was cast in the Cagney & Lacey reboot pilot. The pilot wasn't picked up to series, but just that Drew was cast is promising for whatever her next move may be. .
Maybe even directing a movie, perhaps? Everyone else is doing it.

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