This Is How Grey's Anatomy Fans Said Good-Bye To April & Arizona

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Like so many of the Grey's Anatomy season finales, last night's was incredibly emotional, maybe even more than most. It was the final episode for both April Kepner and Arizona Robbins and fans had been wondering how Grey's Anatomy would say goodbye to the two characters being that it was a bit surprising to hear they were being written off the show in the first place. It seems as if it was even a surprise to the actresses, Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw, who played them.
While both got happy endings — yes, they both survived the episode — not every Grey's fan was happy. It's safe to say the Twitter reactions to April and Arizona's final episodes were mixed for different reasons.
So, how did April say goodbye? Well, after suffering a near-death accident on last week's episode, April (Drew) decided to quit her job as a surgeon and take up wedding planning. Basically, she should keep her day job, which will now be providing medical care for homeless communities. Oh, and she got married to her boyfriend Matthew (Justin Bruening), who she left at the altar in season 10, with Arizona and her ex Jackson (Jesse Williams) as witnesses.
"April Kepner is the one #GreysAnatomy character that I could relate to the most, from her struggles to her victories," one fan tweeted. "While it’s sad to see her go, I am happy that the writers gave her the ending that she deserved."
Though, if you were a fan of Japril you might have felt a little let down by this one. "The writers did Japril so dirty," one fan wrote. Another agreed, "I wasn’t ready for their ending. I will forever ship."
Arizona (Capshaw) also got a happily ever after: a new job in New York where she and her daughter can be closer to her ex wife Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez), who she's been reconnecting with over texts. While Ramirez didn't actually appear on the show, you could hear her version of Brandi Carlile's hit "The Story," which appeared in the musical episode in season 7.
It was something that had one fan crying in the shower. "They're playing @SaraRamirez version of The Story," they wrote. "CATCH ME CRYING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE." Another person wrote, "I 100% cried watching this scene. CALLIE IS SINGING!"
But, others weren't so impressed by this moment and were ready to say goodbye to not only April and Arizona, but the show entirely. "Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to @JessicaCapshaw and @sarahdrew for the memories, the laughter and the tears," someone wrote. "It is with the exit of these inspiring characters that I too bid farewell to #GreysAnatomy."
But, it wasn't just the fact that Arizona and April were leaving that upset fans, it was what they seemed to be gaining in their place. "They got rid of Arizona and April to bring back Teddy," one person wrote letting an Adele gif say it all. Yep, Teddy (Kim Raver) returned and now she's pregnant, shortly after Owen (Kevin McKidd) went and visited her in Germany. Hmm, I wonder who the dad is.
What people did like about the episode was that it left it open for either of these characters, hopefully both, to come back in the future. Maybe even for a series finale, which could be a long ways away since Grey's is already set for a season 15. Though, it didn't keep people from sobbing uncontrollably, after all, Grey's Anatomy has a way of doing that to people.

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