Grey's Anatomy's Jessica Capshaw Still Misses Callie, But Teases A Bright Future For Arizona

Photo: Courtesy of Mitch Haaseth/ABC.
Grey's Anatomy has made it to an astonishing 14 seasons. At nearly 300 episodes, that is a lot of physician drama. The Shondaland juggernaut just premiered its newest season, and we have many questions about the newest plot lines in this juicy soap. Namely, how is Dr. Arizona Robbins dealing with being single?
Luckily Jessica Capshaw is here to answer our burning Qs. "Callie and Arizona coupled up pretty quickly", she observed in an interview with Marie Claire. "So we didn't get to see much of single Arizona until last season's flirtations with Dr. Minnick. But based on last week's premiere, it looks like we'll be seeing a lot more of Arizona in the dating scene. What happens when your other friends are together and you're single? How do you juggle dating with being a single, working mom?"
Callie, of course, was her girlfriend, played by Sara Ramirez. Capshaw remarked on working without her longest onscreen costar. "In our jobs, you spend so much time with the people you’re working with that you do create a kind of family... Sara and I had such an incredible group of fans who championed the relationship between Callie and Arizona...We took it really seriously. We put our best foot forward in everything we did, in terms of representing a couple, of representing a relationship that we could really be proud of. It was really, really wonderful." We definitely agree — their relationship was one of the joys on the highly dramatic show.
Still, Arizona is a smart physician whose optimism and smile are both equally bright. She will be so fine in the dating scene. We can't wait to see her fall in love again, and we're going to enjoy the ride along with her.
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