How To See The Gorgeous Meteor Shower Happening This Weekend

PHoto: Getty Images.
No weekend plans? No problem. There's going to be a meteor shower — and it'll be visible all weekend, so even if you do have last-minute plans, there'll be plenty of opportunities to catch it.
According to EarthSky, the Orionid meteor shower should be visible both Friday and Saturday nights, but the best views will be on Sunday morning after the moon has set and before the sun rises.
"The Orionid meteors are debris left behind by Comet Halley, arguably the most famous of all comets," according to EarthSky. "This comet leaves debris in its wake that strikes Earth’s atmosphere most fully around Oct. 20-22, while Earth intersects the comet’s orbit, as it does every year at this time."
There is, however, a catch: The moon might get in the way of you actually seeing the meteor shower. Because the moon will set just shortly before twilight begins, you may have only a short window of time to really see the Orionid shower. Bill Cooke told that 15-20 meteors should be visible per hour during peak times.
The good news is that according to, Orionid meteors are visible from anywhere on Earth, and can be seen anywhere across the sky, though if you're in a city, light pollution might make it more difficult to view the shower.
Still, AccuWeather's forecast predict mostly clear skies across most of the country this weekend, so if you're outside of any major city, you have a good chance of seeing more meteors.

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