What Astrology Reveals About Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse's Compatibility

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/MG18/Getty Images.
Riverdale's blessed return to television means more soapy teen goodness, more surprisingly dark intrigue, and more Bughead — the on-screen couple of Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones. In honor of the CW show's third season, we're taking an astrological look at the real life relationship between Bughead's off-screen counterparts, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart. To learn more about this Leo and Virgo's compatibility, we spoke with astrologer Amy Tripp, who performed a reading of their composite chart (which is created by laying their individual birth charts on top of each other).
The most initially striking thing about their charts is how little their personal planets (the sun, the moon, and inner planets) interact with each other. Tripp notes that there are no major aspects, aka angles, between Sprouse and Reinhart's sun and moon signs. This isn't necessarily a bad omen for their relationship — it just means we have to dig a little deeper into their charts.
Compatibility fiends will already know that, when a couple's respective sun and moon placements are lackluster, the next things to check are their Venus placements. In Sprouse and Reinhart's case, they have the same Venus sign: passionate, fiery Leo. "[Having] Venus in the same sign as your partner shows similar styles of relating and giving and receiving of affection," Tripp says, adding that it may even indicate shared values overall.
Speaking of Leo, this sign also hosts Sprouse's sun. This much Venusian and solar energy in the same sign usually suggests serious chemistry. "Cole sees Lili as an ideal romantic partner on all levels," Tripp explains. "Lily is affectionate, warm, loving toward Cole as [his sun] lights up [Venus], the planet of love and pleasure in her chart."
Beyond their general romantic compatibility, Sprouse and Reinhart's composite chart reveals they have a relatively stable working relationship. Tripp points out that Sprouse's sun is trine Reinhart's Saturn, meaning that these celestial bodies are four signs apart on the Wheel of the Zodiac. This aspect suggests that collaboration may come easily to the couple. "They are likely still very professional at work, keeping strong boundaries between their work lives and personal lives," Tripp says.
Despite these advantageous aspects, which absolutely suggest that Sprouse and Reinhart have a lot of fun together, their composite also nods to other, more deeply-set issues that could be at play. Tripp notes a tense aspect known as a square between Reinhart's sun and Sprouse's north node, more dramatically known as his "point of destiny." She says this suggests a "karmic linkage" between them, which indicates both the importance of their relationship and the challenges they may encounter as a couple. "The impact of the relationship will be lasting," Tripp says.
Even if they lack some of the traditional markers of a long-lasting romantic couple, Tripp suggests things will always be pleasant between Sprouse and Reinhart, wherever their relationship takes them: "The strong aspects they share ensure there will always be a friendship between them." And who couldn't use another friend in a town like a Riverdale?