Anne Hathaway Loves A Star Is Born, Too — Now Can She & Gaga Get Their Own Film?

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.
It is hardly a secret that watching a A Star Is Born has had a profound effect on many people. Among those people is, apparently, Anne Hathaway, who posted her thoughts about the movie on Instagram.
According to Hathaway’s Instagram review (spoiler: it’s a rave), it wasn’t just Bradley Cooper’s gritty Jackson Maine voice or Lady Gaga’s supreme command of crying from just one eye that made her love the movie.
In her Instagram post, the actress touched on the often ephemeral nature of mainstream entertainment and how hard it is to stay focused on one project when so many others are coming from other directions. “I know my personal capacity to absorb something new is often maxed out,” she wrote. “For example, a movie opens, we are ‘obsessed’ for a weekend, we move on.”
But, she continued, A Star Is Born is “so ambitious, so audacious and so brilliantly human” that it deserves to stay in the news cycle for longer than a weekend.
“I saw this film back in August at the Venice Film Festival and I still walk around feeling lucky I was in that audience,” she wrote. “This film surprised me in the best possible way; it even killed some cynicism that I didn’t know had snuck into my heart.”
Welp. We’re sobbing. And, by the looks of it, Lady Gaga, who responded in an Instagram comment on Hathaway’s post, may have been a little teary-eyed too.
“Anne, I don’t even know what to say this post was so beautiful and means the world to me, I look up to you so much you’re an incredible artist,” she wrote. “Thank you so much for not only being so supportive but the poetry of kindness with which you communicate your message. I feel lucky you were sitting there with me.”
So, uh, just wondering — what are the odds that Hathaway and Lady Gaga will accept our offer to move to Jackson, Maine with us in the near future? Or, barring that, get together as co-stars in a film of their own?

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