Robert Pattinson’s Trippy High Life Takes You Out Of This World

Photo: Gregory Pace/REX/Shutterstock.
The trailer for Robert Pattinson’s latest film is truly out of this world.
High Life is French director Claire Denis’s first English-language film, starring Pattinson, Andre 3000, and Juliette Binoche. According to IndieWire, the movie follows a group of convicts that volunteer to take a voyage into a black hole to avoid prison, into the grip of a doctor (Binoche) who is set on performing experiments on them.
The trailer feels like a high-octane psychological thriller, but infused with Denis' signature eroticism. Though the film is science fiction, it appears to remain grounded in exploring the depths of the human condition more so than the depths of space.
Plot-wise we learn very little from the trailer, except that the experiments coordinated by Binoche’s character revolve around reproduction, and a baby is in fact born in space. Instead of plot, the trailer gives us bite-sized glimpses of disorienting images: Pattinson, in inmate’s jumper, teaches a baby how to walk in a garden on the spaceship; Binoche initiates sex with Pattinson while he sleeps; Pattinson violently hits himself in the head. Colored lighting changes dramatically from one scene to another, red then blue then green, as starkly as the characters’ emotions appear to change from deeply loving to violently angry.
High Life will be released in French theaters on November 7 and is scheduled for a 2019 U.S. release.

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